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Be safe on the fairway with golf insurance

WHEN you think of insurance it is usually related to car or home… Well, think again, because being on the golf course can be...

New law in Spain offers fewer safeguards for off-plan property buyers

Changes that come into effect from January 1, 2016, leave consumers at much greater risk of financial losses. Only banks and insurers look set to benefit

The Finance Bureau move to Guadalmina

New kids on the block

Knowledge is power

Our legal go-to Antonio Flores reveals all you need to know about Spain’s money merchants

Motor insurance necessary for your lawnmower, says EU

The grass won’t be greener for long...

Health cuts see more than one million people to lose medical cover in 2015

Spain's Finance Ministry has slashed list of covered doctors and hospitals

Have you got it covered?

This week, Olive Press insurance expert Danni Worth throws the floor open for FAQs

Widow demands justice after insurance company refuse to pay for husband’s funeral

Victoria Colonge is taking action against insurance company Ocaso for refusing to foot the bill for her husband’s funeral

Underinsurance and how to avoid it…

Insurance doctor Danni Worth, of Op de Beeck & Worth, explains how to avoid leaving yourself out of pocket

Spain is Europe’s most likely place for tourist illness

Level with Egypt and Turkey for health insurance claims

The magic formula for claiming on household insurance

Columnist and financial expert Danni Worth, of Op de Beeck & Worth, on how to stake your claim

Sleepwalker left fighting for life after falling 50ft from Malaga hotel room

She now faces a huge hospital bill as she had no travel insurance

Should your bank hard-sell you insurance?

Columnist Danni Worth, of Op de Beeck & Worth, explains how to beat the bank bullies

Checkmate for customers of bankrupt Knight Insurance SA

EXCLUSIVE: Clients of the long-established insurance broker left without cover for months

Avoiding the pitfalls of insurance

In a new regular column, Danni Worth of Op de Beeck & Worth will be exploring the many issues surrounding insurance and will be answering your queries

Fingers, knife and chopping board found in playground lead to massive insurance scam

A Pakistani man is caught trying to cheat accident insurance policies by chopping his own fingers off

Insure your health

Linea Directa guarantees patients will require less treatment through its medical treatment service

Caught by his own airbag

A driver who claimed his car was stolen was caught when the airbag was found on his person

Insurance company helps local dog shelter

Insurance company Liberty Seguros donates dog food to local dog shelter.

Spaniard hacked off hand to claim €2.4m insurance

Spaniards suffering during the country’s recession have been caught hacking off part of their own bodies to claim insurance payouts

Sotogrande firm claims a piece of history

A Lloyds of London underwriting box is being displayed at Ibex Insurance's new offices in Sotomarket

Just 1% of burnt households insured

Only two out of the 140 Mijas victims of the Malaga blazes were insured

Insurance heartache in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Expat battles insurer for two years to force it to pay for his heart treatment

Prize site

Expats have the chance to be entered into a prize draw as part of insurance company Staysure's Scavenger Hunt on their website from September...

Pulling a fast one in Spain

Pensioner conned out of 890 euros by garage and car owner after minor accident

All in the same boat

It is the great insurance swindle... After the heaviest rains on record in southern Spain, the majority of flood sufferers are apparently not covered. How can this be? Andrew Pearce discovered half a dozen Olive Press readers in the same boat





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