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VIDEO: Ciudadanos spoof rap emerges as Spanish general election campaigns launch today

Spoof Cuidadanos rap released as Rajoy and Iglesias launch campaigns for second general election

Podemos cracks begin to appear

IU pact shows Podemos’ imperfections

Podemos think tank accused of taking €7 million from Hugo Chavez

Pablo Iglesias part of group funded by Venezuelan leader, says ABC

Podemos accepts PSOE’s parallel negotiations with Ciudadanos

Left-wing parties meet to discuss the economy, Catalunya, the EU and Spain's recovery from reccession

Pablo Iglesias surprises with suit and tie at Spain’s Goya Awards 2016

Normally he dresses casually and he famously didn't wear a suit when he met King Felipe VI

Pedro Sanchez rejects ‘exclusive’ negotiation with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

PSOE secretary general insists he will 'negotiate in plural'

Pablo, surely not!

Allegations that the Podemos boss could himself be corrupt are alarming in the extreme

Major stumbling block between PSOE and Podemos forming pact is removed

Anti-austerity party accepts single parliamentary group decision after regional clash

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias was paid €93,000 by Iranian businessman

The anti-corruption party leader received the funds for presenting on Hispan TV - the Islamist TV channel based in Madrid

Spain’s politicians have one week to form a government or risk forcing a second general election

As Mariano Rajoy is shunned by all corners, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez holds Spain’s political fate in his hands

Pablo Iglesias outlines key demands to do deal with PSOE

PABLO Iglesias has put residents' evictions and healthcare at the top of his list of most pressing social issues ahead of coalition talks.The Podemos...

Pablo Iglesias calls for all Spanish children to be able to study country’s regional languages

Spanish schoolchildren could be taught Basque, Catalan and Gallego

Decision day for Spain

On December 20, the country’s political elite will be bracing itself for a possible knockout blow

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias scores hit in live TV leaders’ debate

Podemos leader comes out on top ahead of Albert Rivera, Pedro Sanchez and Soraya Saenz de Santamaria

Pedro Sanchez makes barbed dig at Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

The PSOE boss made the jibe ahead of the general election on December 20

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias clashes with deputy speaker over corruption

Podemos leader sits in Prime Minister's seat before Celia Villalobos row during open day

Spain’s political leaders go head-to-head in live general election debate

Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera attend El Pais general election debate but Mariano Rajoy is a no-show

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias outlines five-point pledge

Radical politician calls for referendums, electoral reform and anti-corruption measures ahead of general election

Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera TV debate wins record viewing figures

Podemos and Ciudadanos leaders tackle immigration, banks, corruption and Catalan independence ahead of general election

Is Jeremy Corbyn the British Pablo Iglesias?

New Labour frontman Corbyn stands to scare off voters if he doesn’t keep his distance from Podemos, writes Mario Alegre

Pablo Sanchez tops list of hunky Spanish politicians

However Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias was up at arms at his exclusion and voiced his anger on Twitter

Controversial Margaret Thatcher square in Madrid to be renamed

Madrid’s new mayor has announced Margaret Thatcher square is set to surrender its name

Left to take a selfie in the lift  

The mayor was trapped inside a lift in a city hall on Friday morning along with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and several other leftist party members

Podemos vows to defeat PP after election triumph

Two new political groups inspired by the indignados protests made huge impacts in Madrid and Barcelona

Controversial senior Podemos candidate resigns over differences in the party

Podemos ructions over upstart People’s Party in Spain as number three resigns