Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Controversial Margaret Thatcher square in Madrid to be renamed

Madrid’s new mayor has announced Margaret Thatcher square is set to surrender its name

Left to take a selfie in the lift  

The mayor was trapped inside a lift in a city hall on Friday morning along with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and several other leftist party members

Podemos vows to defeat PP after election triumph

Two new political groups inspired by the indignados protests made huge impacts in Madrid and Barcelona

Controversial senior Podemos candidate resigns over differences in the party

Podemos ructions over upstart People’s Party in Spain as number three resigns

Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe Game of Thrones DVD in first meet

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is to meet Spanish King Felipe VI for the very first time in a Brussels MEP meet-up

Podemos sets up in Andalucia for ‘crucial’ elections while Teresa Rodriguez heads to London

"If anywhere needs political regeneration and fresh air, it's Andalucia," said Inigo Errejon

From New York to Essex: Podemos takes on the world

Pablo Iglesias and Inigo Errejon have adopted a 'divide and conquer' mentality

On Podemos’ march to power

With just six weeks to the Andalucian elections, the Olive Press joined the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on Podemos’ March for Change to try to understand what makes the party tick

Change must come

Wrought with corruption and more divided than ever, it is no surprise people are backing Podemos

Anti-Podemos campaign trends on Twitter

The hashtag #NoPodeis (You can't) has been used more than 60,000 times following Podemos' March for Change in Madrid

Pablo Iglesias: “Together we will win the elections and beat the PP”

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias has assured his millions of followers that his party will win the next election

Thousands gather for Podemos’ ‘Marcha del Cambio’ rally in Madrid

Supporters of the anti-corruption party have been congregating in the capital for today's ‘show of strength’ rally

Podemos’ Errejon addresses thousands at ‘March for Change’ in Madrid

Supporters of the anti-corruption party are congregating in central Madrid ahead of today's 'show of strength' rally

Spain’s Podemos party vow to improve relations with Gibraltar

The La Linea branch of the anti-corruption party said that establishing ‘good neighbourly relations with Gibraltar’ is of ‘great importance’ both regionally and nationally

Snap regional elections set for Andalucia

Head of the Junta Susana Diaz is expected to call the elections for March 22

Can Podemos really win?

Journalist Mario Alegria questions Podemos’ political weight in his debut column

Movers and shakers of 2014

The Olive Press takes a look back at 2014 and dishes out the accolades for the best and worst personalities in Spain

Podemos reveals it receives €865,886 in private donations

Podemos receives 82,4% of its income through private donetions

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias immortalised taking a dump

Pablo Iglesias joins a long list of defecating figurines which includes the likes of Gareth Bale

Podemos announces massive display of ‘social muscle’ in Madrid

The anti-corruption party is planning a huge protest in the capital on January 31

Podemos overtake leading parties in polls and prepare to vote in their government

Podemos take the lead with 27,7% of votes in their favour and will be formally voting in their official leader and cabinet members next week

Podemos overtakes PSOE in opinion poll

A ground-breaking disruption of Spain’s two-party PP and PSOE dominance is underway

Podemos: Can they or can’t they?

The hurricane of political change sweeping through Europe is also gusting under Spain’s front door. Is it a new People’s Revolution or just more of the same? Imogen Calderwood and Jacqueline Fanchini report

Leader of Podemos sues PP official over links to Castro and terrorist group ETA

Pablo Iglesias is also suing newspaper El Mundo

Gibraltar gets UKIP by default as eurosceptic parties gain ground across Europe

Election ‘earthquake’ leaves Gibraltar without its popular MEP Sir Graham while the rest of Europe is left trembling by Eurosceptic surge