Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Costa Calida shows continued growth in house prices, but Spain averages are still a THIRD less than 2007

THE Costa Calida saw some of the biggest property price increases last year. Murcia as a region saw an...

Property boom in Costa del Sol

MALAGA city and Marbella are benefitting the most from the property recovery, new figures have shown. According to Fomento, in Malaga a total of 5,289...

Rental prices raising faster than sale prices

Rental prices rising faster than property

Town property prices beat rural in Spain

Country is experiencing a two-speed market where prices continue to rise in cities and fall in the countryside

Spain’s property price increase third highest in Europe

Spain’s property prices jumped 4.1% in the second quarter of this year

Property in Spain: The facts behind the figures

The latest data on property sales in Spain shows signs of improvement

Bullish about Gibraltar property

Property owners await bright 2014, according to report

Property buyers flock to Spain

Britons are increasingly indulging in ‘schadenfreude shopping’ to snap up bargain second homes

Respected estate agent defends Marbella’s resort property sector against sceptic

In a fascinating property debate, Marbella’s most respected estate agent Christopher Clover takes on a sceptic who believes the resort’s property sector is doomed to slump like Greece