Friday, September 25, 2020
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Following Hemingway: An American Legacy

The Olive Press sent American writer Carey Camel to follow in the footsteps of his hero Hemingway at Spain’s most famous festival Sanfermines

British man injured during Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls  

Tom Hadfield recovers in a Spanish hospital with four fractured ribs and a punctured lung

Protest highlights Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls cruelty

A hundred PETA activists from around the world gathered with the message to runners: 'You Run – Bulls Die'

Police bust Pamplona’s San Fermin drug smuggling gang

Ketamine, cocaine and hashish were to be sold during the bull-running festival

Crackdown on sex assaults at Pamplona’s Running of the bulls

For the first time police will be on duty 'exclusively' to stop assaults

VIDEO: 23 injured during stampede at Pamplona bull run

There was a huge crush on Saturday when the animals charged a crowd at the narrow entrance to the bullring

Review of 2011… from the mountains

Here’s Paul Whitelock’s personal review of the year – of events which have affected Spain in general and the Serranía de Ronda, where he lives, in particular

Spain not cool? Who are you trying to kid?

As British youth turns its back on Spain, the Olive Press gives the tourist board some suggestions on how to win them back again...

Running the gauntlet as a solo blonde in Pamplona

American journalist Sara Wallace, 20, is not as impressed as fellow writer Ernest Hemingway after spending 24 hours at Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls festival

Teenager gored to death at running of the bulls

The 19-year-old was killed while participating in a pre-dawn running of the bulls in Zamora