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EXCLUSIVE: Spanish police seize 56kg of MDMA in Europe-first probe into criminals exporting drugs TO South America

By Anthony Piovesan and Walter Finch WHEN officers from the Policia Nacional stopped a small yacht bound for South America and found enough MDMA...

Seven women rescued from clutches of sex exploitation gang in Spain

SEVEN victims of a sex exploitation gang that operated in different parts of Spain have been freed by the Policia Nacional. Three men who pimped...

Spanish police intercept mega 56kg MDMA haul on yacht bound for Argentina

Rather than busting drugs brought to the shores of Spain’s crooked Costa del Sol, from South America, Spanish police have this time uncovered a...

Drug traffickers arrested for shipping in cocaine to Valencia in Spain

A two-year Guardia Civil investigation has brought down a gang of cocaine importers bringing in supplies on shipping containers docking in Valencia from South...

MUST READ: British drug mules flew from Spain to UK with suitcases full of marijuana grown on Costa Blanca...

A drugs gang including British citizens who took suitcases of narcotics to the UK and across Europe, has been arrested by the Policia Nacional. Police...

Italian mafia crime boss and two henchmen arrested in Valencia area of Spain

AN Italian mafia drugs lord and his two lieutenants have been arrested in Valencia Province. The leader has been detained by the Policia Nacional in...

MUST READ: British ‘narco’ baron Brian Charrington jailed after Costa Blanca cocaine smuggling retrial in Spain

BRITISH drug trafficker, Brian Charrington, has been found guilty and jailed for almost 11 years for smuggling cocaine into a Costa Blanca marina in...

No post-Brexit ‘rush’ for British expats to become Spanish citizens

BREXIT fears and consequences did not prompt a rush of British expats to become Spanish citizens in 2020. The latest figures from the National Statistics...

Big cocaine stash discovered hidden in rice shipment to port of Valencia in Spain

A container of rice shipped in to Valencia from South America had 626 kilos of cocaine hidden within it. The Guardia Civil and the Tax...

Police bust cocaine gang on Spain’s Costa Blanca where members led ‘life of luxury’

A Columbian-led cocaine gang has been busted by the Policia Nacional on the Costa Blanca. They've been accused of large-scale drug trafficking as they distributed...

Spain converts water cannons into coronavirus disinfectant machines

TO many they are symbols of state power over the common people, used to control protesting crowds

WATCH: How Spain is central to EU’s €30 BILLION cocaine and narcotics market as new report warns of increasing...

Despite record seizures this year, trafficking inside containers destined for European ports is still the most common transport method

REVEALED: These countries made the most asylum applications to Spain so far this year

Andalucia had the third most asylum applications so far this year after Madrid with 20,395 and Catalunya with 6,059

Scientists in Spain develop new pioneering VACCINE against deathly Zika virus

The virus can cause serious neurological conditions like microcephaly, where a baby’s head develops abnormally

Europe’s first fire ants that make cats and dogs go blind found in Marbella and could take TWO YEARS...

The finding of the invasive creature, published in the journal Iberomyrmex, is thought to have been in part due to increased temperatures on the Costa del Sol

Couple who quit jobs ‘to get paid to travel around the world having sex’ visit Spain and beyond

A COUPLE who quit their jobs to sell videos of themselves having sex have visited Spain, most of Europe and South America thanks to...

‘Cursed’ book in Spain about Granada orphan thought lost for 400 YEARS published for the first time

A BOOK chronicling the adventures of a Granada orphan during Spain's Golden Age has been published for the first time.  Historia del Huerfano, or The...

Huge cocaine haul hidden in bananas uncovered in Spain

The haul is said to have arrived from South America

Sevilla police raid frees five South American sex slaves forced to work 24 hours a day

The leader of a major human trafficking circle has been arrested in Sevilla

Spanish goat semen is to be transported to South America

Malaga’s goat semen has become sought-after as Spain’s goats produce up to twice as much milk as those elsewhere

Eight Brits arrested in Malaga as €681 million cocaine shipment is seized

Worth €681 million, the Class A drug load was seized in Galicia

Star-studded Sevilla dance group brings Carmen with a flamenco twist to Andalucia

The show will hit Malaga before jetting off to Asia and South America

Spain suffers mass exodus due to bad economy

Economic woes and high unemployment rates have forced people to look for their fortunes elsewhere





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