Tue, December 11, 2018

Three Brits die from Legionnaires’ disease in Spain

The pensioners had been staying at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, in Valencia

‘Love apples’ fight cancer

Scientists have found cooked tomatoes to contain a powerful cancer-fighting nutrient

Cuppa benefits

Scientists have discovered three cups a day lowers blood pressure

Raymond Prats’ health trends for 2012

Raymond Prats looks at what health trends the coming year will bring

‘Cancer’ mast finally comes down in Spain

Vodafone loses battle to keep mobile phone mast in Benajarafe after tumour rates soar

Egg timing

Proteins found in egg white can help us stay alert at work

Mosquitoes love smelly feet

The insects are attracted to the bacteria that causes the cheesy smell

Mediterranean diet adds years to your life

Researchers claim it can help prevent cancer, heart disease and the ageing process

What lurks beneath

Sharing everything from pens to shopping trolleys can help spread potentially dangerous germs

Knock that cold into touch in Spain

Continuing our series on the herbs of Andalucia, Sue Rodgers looks at herbal antibiotics

Dieting is good for the brain

As it emerges it takes three months to shift weight put on over Christmas, scientists discover dieting helps the mind stay young

Coffee fights womb cancer

Four cups a day could reduce risk of endometrial cancer, according to research

Still no smoking in Spain

Health Ministry announces it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January

Insurance heartache in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Expat battles insurer for two years to force it to pay for his heart treatment

Grandmotherly love in Spain

A new study has found grandparents are contributing to the survival of mankind

‘No solid science’ behind quick-fix celeb diet

The Dukan Diet is restrictive, confusing and rigid, say experts

Spain sets new record for organ transplants

Spain performed a record-breaking 94 operations in 72 hours

Sandfly bite kills British expat in Spain

Sad death of British woman who developed black blotches and scabs in her mouth

Ginger joy

Ginger is apparently great for migraines

Spanish freezer fear

A survery found a third of cold storage units to be unsuitable

Recession causing ‘survival’ sex

Husbands more likely to stray as instinct to ensure survival of the species kicks in

Nutty news in Spain

Just one ounce a day is enough to improve health and mood

How to save a life

Almost 60 per cent of people who witness a heart attack are unable to help the victim because they do not know basic CPR

Rise of the slouch potato in Spain

The ‘snail effect’ - or carrying heavy bags around - is causing spine problems in children

No travel insurance for 20 per cent of British holidaymakers

One in five travellers wrongly believe they do not need travel insurance, despite Spain being one of the costliest places for claims

Possible breakthrough following Spanish HIV trials

Researchers report a 90 per cent immune response to vaccine designed to combat AIDS virus


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