Sunday, 21 January, 2018

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THE cities with the highest water bills have been revealed in a new nation-wide study.  The price of water in Spanish municipalities, provincial capitals, autonomous cities and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants were all...

YOU may have noticed patches of a brown substance floating in the sea off the coast of Malaga this year and mistaken the creamy-like product for filth. But according to a new study, the substance,...

RESIDENTS in Malaga have been left foaming after a washing detergent spill has left them without water since Monday. Some 740 homes in Miraflores, El Palo, have been cut off after a foamy soap product...

Ecologistas en Accion has urged the Spanish Prosecution Service to investigate the unnamed business, which is currently carrying out suspicious activity in a super intensive olive grove in Sorbas, Almeria

They have pledged to improve water purification facilities at La Vinuela reservoir and waste water from the coastal municipalities.

Axarquia in a battle with PP for water supply

EXCLUSIVE: The group in Villafranco del Guadalhorce have been given a series of excuses for the shortages that began in February

Swapping tap water for its alkaline equivalent, Rob Horgan goes in search of a new lease on life

Tadeo Casañas came up with his plan after his small island of El Hierro in the Canaries went without rain in 1948

Most adolescents do not meet the European Food Safety Agency’s recommendations

Families earning less than €967.95 a month will receive 100 free litres of water a day

The couple alerted police after their water bills sky-rocketed from around €20 per quarter to €469 in July

Two huge projects to improve water quality and infrastructure will cost around €750 million

Thirsty expats call on town halls after hundreds are left for weeks without water

Hospital Ceram is championing an alternative way to give birth in Marbella

With the Costa del Sol's 320-days-a-year of sun, are just 90 days of lifeguard duty on beaches enough? As Marbella mourns the tragic drowning of three people, Iona Napier finds some leading hoteliers unhappy with Spain's beach safety

A bargain break in Spain is half as cheap as Italy

Water treatment centre Aguahierro is given €12.5 million of state funding

Columnist Giles Brown explores the oddities exposed by his rapidly-disappearing reservoir

Long term weather forecasters have predicted Andalucia will get hotter and see less rainfall over the next 100 years

British expat ordered to pay water bill for restaurant she closed six years ago

Drinking seven glasses of water a day eases pain and improves the quality of life

Town halls are taking rationing measures to save water

James Bryce comes face-to-face with Gibraltar’s sea-faring past - and some cross-dressing snails - while diving in the waters around the Rock

James Bryce takes a ride around the region’s best wakeboarding and waterskiing centres

The scheme will save drinking water in Mijas and Fuengirola by using treated sewage water to irrigate parks and golf courses




THE Duke of Cambridge’s children are set to be fluent in Spanish after just one week in school, thanks to a Spanish nanny. Princess Charlotte...
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