THE number of new coronavirus infections in Spain has almost doubled in the past 24 hours.

76 people have been confirmed as positive to the virus in the last 24 hours, a rise of 36 compared to yesterday when that number was 40.

More than half of those new cases are in Madrid with 42, followed by Catalunya on 14.

That brings the total number of infected patients nationwide to 244,328.

However, that number includes some discrepancies, as yesterday the total number of infected people was 244,109, a difference of 219, not 76.

The total number of deaths in Spain has for another day not been updated, staying static for over a week at 27,136.

The number of deaths in the past seven days has also remained unchanged since yesterday, with 25 people having lost their lives due to the pandemic in the last week.

Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon, has argued against the idea that Spain should take it upon herself to conduct PCR tests on tourists arriving at Spanish airports.

He argued that such measures should be run at an EU-wide level and questioned their effectiveness, as they ‘haven’t prevented outbreaks’ so far.

“Conducting PCR tests on millions of incoming tourists is difficult and it isn’t any easier for the countries from where the tourists leave from,” he added.

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