A MALE PATIENT at Valencia’s Hospital Clinico threw a chair and attacked two female doctors on Sunday(August 30), with one of them thrown to the ground after he lunged at her.

The Policia Nacional were called in to arrest the 39-year-old man at around 9.30pm who had been restrained by hospital security guards.

The Spaniard, who has no criminal record, had already been treated in the emergency room, when he suddenly went into a rage.

Attempts to calm him down by medical staff came to nothing as he threw a chair at two female doctors.

He then punched one of them in the face and grabbed her neck as he threw her to the ground, while her colleague suffered a thigh injury.

Two other staff members were also verbally abused.

The man was charged with committing violence behaviour and assaulting a public official.

Valencia’s health minister, Ana Barcelo, condemned the attack.

“We will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse of health workers,” she said.

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