UKRAINE’S Honorary Consul in the Valencian Community has attacked the beating up of a Ukrainian resident in Torrevieja by allegedly three Russian nationals.

Pablo Gil Lopez has called for ‘greater protection’ and a tougher stance on prosecuting hate crimes including expulsion from Spain.

As previously reported by the Olive Press, the victim, 43, was repeatedly kicked and punched and suffered a broken nose on April 10 at a Torrevieja bar after telling the aggressors he was a Ukrainian.

A Torrevieja Ukrainian association spokesperson said it was ‘a miracle’ that he was not killed.

The trio entered a city bar at 11.30 pm but the owner refused to serve them because it was closing time.

They stood their ground and the Ukrainian, named as Ruslan, reiterated the owner’s comments.

The trio asked Ruslan where he came from and he told them that ‘I’m Ukrainian. Glory Ukraine’.

The men pounced on him and kicked and punched him, before fleeing the bar.

Russian Men Accused Of Beating Up Ukrainian Resident Inside Costa Blanca Bar In Spain 1

The Guardia Civil are investigating the assault with two of the men having been previously convicted of violent incidents.

The Honorary Consul said that ‘these are not the first attacks by Russian citizens on Ukrainians, along with death threats on social networks against Ukrainian associations or even flat tyres’.

Pablo Gil Lopez has requested touch action if anybody is convicted of a hate crime.

He wants the enforcement of a Penal Code clause which would see a foreigner deported from Spain for committing such an offence if they get a jail term of over a year.

“We believe that it is time to send a clear message to all those foreign residents who support dictatorships, attack minorities by violating fundamental rights and, nevertheless, enjoy a residence in a democratic country like Spain, “ said Pablo Gil Lopez.


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