Four lynx “starve to death” in National Park

EU ignored advice before three cubs and one adult die in Doñana National Park

Is there soon to be no missing lynx?

Something in the air as two of the world's most endangered feline give birth while third is expecting

Doñana migratory cycles affected by climate change

Higher temperatures, a gradual increase in both sea levels and salinity and a drying out of the park's famous marshes are some of the effects of climate change on one of Spain's largest nature reserve

Rabbits leap to lynx rescue

Five thousand rabbits per year are to be released in one of the few remaining habitats of the endangered Iberian lynx.

EU takes regional government to court over Iberian lynx

The European Union is taking the Junta de Andalucia to court for building a road that cuts through one of the few remaining habitats of the Iberian lynx.

Junta announces lynx protection plan

The regional government is to “bury” some roads in the Doñana National Park in a bid to cut the number of Iberian lynx killed by passing motorists in the nature reserve


Dutch anti-squatter solution arrives in Spain as government progress grinds to a halt

THE scourge of squatters across the country will now face a new hurdle as a fresh Dutch initiative arrives in Spain for...