Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pensioners found dead on deserted Spanish estates

An elderly British and an elderly Portuguese man have died without anyone noticing on Costa de la Luz


EXCLUSIVE: The horses facing a happy Christmas after escaping from ‘horse killer’ Suzanne Jenkins

Andalucia plans to expand protected areas

Proposals receive support from town halls, ecologists, businesses and central and local government

Strawly not?!

Andalucia's wettest winter and new EU regulations are being blamed for this year's poor strawberry harvest

5000 euros for our missing Yorkies!

Pedigree sum on offer for the safe return of two Yorkshire Terriers stolen in Spain

Beach rescue

The Spanish government has stepped in to help out battered beaches

Where will it end?

EXCLUSIVE: Olive Press tracks down "deluded" horse cruelty woman. While Seprona claims horses are fine, local charities fear the worst.

Was Atlantis in Andalucia?

Latest archaeological breakthrough indicates Andalucia may have once been home to the mythical civilisation

The world’s healthiest pork

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson

Voodoo Curse Threat to Prostitutes

The leaders of a gang that brought Nigerian women to Spain and then forced them into prostitution by threatening them with voodoo curses, have been arrested

Aristocrat backs motorway park protest

Lady Leatham is to join the fight against a motorway scheme that will ‘destroy’ the Aracena Natural Park

Four lynx “starve to death” in National Park

EU ignored advice before three cubs and one adult die in Doñana National Park

Is there soon to be no missing lynx?

Something in the air as two of the world's most endangered feline give birth while third is expecting

Doñana migratory cycles affected by climate change

Higher temperatures, a gradual increase in both sea levels and salinity and a drying out of the park's famous marshes are some of the effects of climate change on one of Spain's largest nature reserve

Rabbits leap to lynx rescue

Five thousand rabbits per year are to be released in one of the few remaining habitats of the endangered Iberian lynx.

EU takes regional government to court over Iberian lynx

The European Union is taking the Junta de Andalucia to court for building a road that cuts through one of the few remaining habitats of the Iberian lynx.

Junta announces lynx protection plan

The regional government is to “bury” some roads in the Doñana National Park in a bid to cut the number of Iberian lynx killed by passing motorists in the nature reserve