Majority of ‘abroad fraud’ in Spain

Calls for benefit shake up as up to 70million euros is claimed wrongly each year

Journey to Mars – via Spain

European Space Agency chooses Andalucia to test equipment for Mars mission

Police swoop recovers missing Spanish art masterpieces

After over a decade, missing El Greco and Goya masterpieces are returned to owner

Spanish local elections: Best of a bad bunch

100 candidates standing for mayor in the forthcoming May elections are currently being investigated by the courts

EU grant fraud

6,000 companies accused of taking 23m euros to create jobs and then laying off staff

Tourists will ease economic recovery in Spain

But Spain must become more competitive and improve on quality, say experts

Former UN chief slams Costa carnage

Kofi Annan was speaking as guest of honour at the third Global Congress on wine and climate change

Atheist Easter procession banned in Spain

Atheist march banned as it sullies the good name of Semana Santa

‘Mr Marbella’ Maurice Boland back on air

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced DJ Maurice Boland gets new show on inland radio station Heart FM despite affair with teenager. By James Bryce

Antequera’s five million euro museum opens

Municipal museum has reopened again with 20 permanent galleries

When green doesn’t mean go in Spain

New eco friendly speed cameras hit the streets

Guy Hunter Watts: On the right track

Writer is undertaking a new Andalucia-wide route to raise 50,000 euros for Nepalese children

Raging Bull attack led to Spanish suicide

Victim of WBO boxing champ Harrison kills himself as trial is set for brothel attack

Police fail to investigate ‘suspicious’ Puerto Banus drowning

EXCLUSIVE: Family demand urgent answers over ‘suspicious’ drowning of doting father in Puerto Banus. By Amie Keeley

Ronda’s Casa del Rey Moro saved!

Listed Ronda building finally gets a licence after 14 years of acrimony

Spanish need for speed

Protest group blocks Madrid claiming new speed limit change is just about fines

007 days of rain in Spain

Aston Martin's launch in Andalucia of two of their new cars was a wash out

Ole! Female bullfighter Mari Paz Vega fights to return to Malaga

Discrimination must not keep Mari Paz Vega off bill for Malaga feria, insist regional chiefs

Cat woman in court

British pensioner in a desperate bid to save a dozen stray cats she has been caring for

Bring in the exorcist

Expat hotel enlists the church to drive out resident ghosts Aloy and Francisco who are scaring the guests

The ‘sexist, obnoxious pugilist’ comes to Malaga

The late German artist Martin Kippenberger has an exhibition at the Picasso Museum

Antequera high speed train testing track gets green light

World’s longest train testing track gets approval despite mounting opposition

Victory for the home owners

But judge who sided with mortgage defaulters could undermine Spanish economy

Tally ho!

Disgraced UK banker joins racing driver Jackie Stewart on 30,000 euro Spanish hunting jolly

Spanish Ocean View that never was

Prince Albert of Monaco sucked into multi-million euro property scandal with over 100 victims

British climber buried under avalanche in Sierra Nevada

The risk of a second avalanche is holding up the search for a British climber buried under snow in the Sierra Nevada




West End: San Pedro has become the more refined, less bling end of Spain’s Marbella with wilder beaches and...

FORGET the hustle and bustle of Banus, the snobbishness of the Golden Mile and the hordes of tourists in Marbella centre… Head west instead...


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