Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Over 500 people attend banned protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Spain’s Mallorca

The demonstration, scheduled to take place this morning in front of the Consolat de Mar, had been banned by the Balearic government

Social gatherings between non-cohabiting persons banned in Spain’s Ibiza and Mallorca

From this Wednesday, social gatherings between people who do not live together will be prohibited on the two islands

Spain’s Balearic Islands records highest number of COVID-19 cases since start of pandemic

THE Balearic Islands has recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. The Department...

ALL bars, restaurants, gyms and ‘non-essential’ shops to close in Spain’s Mallorca for 14 days

The closures will come into force from January 12 and stay in place until at least January 26

Drunk driver arrested after travelling wrong way down motorway in Spain’s Mallorca

The man repeatedly ignored the police's sirens as well as their loudspeaker instructions to pull over

ICUs in Spain’s Mallorca near breaking point after surge in COVID-19 cases

In Son Espases, the island's reference hospital, 90% of ICU beds reserved for COVID-19 patients are occupied

The biggest risk to your investments and pensions… could it be your financial adviser?

Over the last decade Spanish expats have been exposed to some incredibly poor financial advice. In many cases this has led to...

Spain’s Balearic Islands registers highest number of unemployed people since 2009

This is also the highest number of people registered in the social security system as unemployed since the 2009 financial crisis

61 diagnosed with COVID-19 in recently vaccinated nursing home in Spain’s Mallorca

This is despite all of the nursing home's elderly residents receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on December 30

Level 4 restrictions extended for ‘at least two more weeks’ in Spain’s Mallorca

This is despite rumours circulating in the local press indicating that the island would return to Level 3 from next

Father jailed in Spain’s Mallorca for repeatedly raping his two underage daughters over a decade

The man received a 24 year sentence after being found guilty of sexually abusing his two children from 2008 to 2017

More than 80% of bars and restaurants in Spain’s Mallorca close under tougher COVID-19 restrictions

That’s the stark figure made by the Association of Small to Medium Sized Businesses after surveying how many of its members would remain open under the tougher new measures

Bars and restaurants must close at 6pm in Spain’s Mallorca as COVID-19 infections continue to rise

President Francina Armengol said the island will remain on Level 4 of the COVID-19 tier system but under harsher restrictions

Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria forced to backtrack over Spanish heritage claims

HILARIA Baldwin, 36-year-old wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has been forced to publically come clean after claims emerged online that her...

British expats duped after town hall claims T-rex bone to halt vital works in Spain’s Mallorca as part of...

A DINOSAUR bone which could belong to a Tyrannosaurus Rex has halted building works in Mallorca - or so many were led...

A goodbye and good riddance to 2020!

WELL what a year! No-one can say it’s not been different! And as we’re all preparing for some...

Rafael Nadal enjoys blissful hike with wife and friends in Spain’s Mallorca

The current number two in the ATP wold rankings has had a very successful year, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Manhunt launched as serial arsonist returns to Spain’s Mallorca

Police are actively searching for the pyromaniac after three separate fires raged across the capital on Tuesday night

The end of a year to remember (or forget)!

I’m not sure any of us could’ve expected 2020 to pan out quite the way it did. As we entered the year,...

Life on the ocean wave in Mallorca

I HAD all summer, but which month did we decide to do a powerboat course? In December! Crazy, I know! However, this...

Between 500 and 1,000 people in Spain’s Balearic Islands will be vaccinated daily against COVID-19 from December 27

The first to receive the jab will be elderly residents and healthcare workers from nursing homes as well as hospital workers

Spain’s Mallorca increases penalties in Level 4, with bars and restaurants now facing €600,000 fines

President Francina Armengol said that establishments that fail to follow the new rules could now receive a fine up to €600,000

The 7 financial steps to take for a fresh start to life in Spain for 2021

I always like to write an article at the end of each year to give people some financial tips to help them...

MENTAL TOLL: Coronavirus pandemic is tough to endure even in the paradise of Mallorca

IT’S really sad driving by Palma airport and seeing all the planes parked up. The airline industry is suffering...

Level 4 COVID-19 restrictions will be extended in Spain’s Mallorca until January 11

Balearic President Francina Armengol today revealed her plans to extend the Level 4 restrictions until at least the second week of January