Sunday, September 27, 2020


After two years of rapid expansion, the Olive Press announces an online pay wall

AS the Olive Press approaches its 15th anniversary it’s a good time to take stock of what we have experienced down the years. But even...

Heartaches as young mum, 23, found dead in Ibiza hotel by devastated sister

A YOUNG mother has been found dead in her Ibiza hotel room by her heartbroken sister. Amy Connor, 23,...

Jet2 cancels ALL flights and holiday packages to Spain’s Balearic Islands until November 30

As well as noting the 'continuous uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,' they admitted that the quarantine imposed on travellers by the British government had played a part in their decision

No smoking outside home, face masks at work: Spain’s Balearic Islands toughen up measures against COVID-19

The new measures have been introduced in response to a noticeable increase in cases across the region

Hollywood star Johnny Depp confirmed to appear at film festival in Spain’s Palma de Mallorca

In the fifth edition of the Italian film festival, Depp will present one of his latest films - Waiting for the Barbarians

Spain’s Balearic Islands records over 900 new COVID-19 infections in one day, however majority are asymptomatic

Despite the rising number of cases, the Balearic Ministry of Health have stressed that the 'majority are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms'

Teenager stabs father seven times for confiscating mobile phone in Spain’s Mallorca

The boy, 13, inflicted multiple stab wounds to his dad when he had his telephone taken away from him over the weekend

WATCH: Palma de Mallorca Cathedral | Mallorca Travel Guide

Folks! Join me today for a comprehensive Mallorca travel guide to Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, also known as 'La Seu' - Mallorca's 'Cathedral of...

Spain’s Balearic Islands warns of more restrictions as region enters ‘second wave of COVID-19’

"Some of the measures that could be adopted are similar to those of Catalonia," said the spokesman for the region's infectious diseases' committee, Javier Arranz

Two dead in horror head on road collision in Spain’s Mallorca

A man and a woman, aged 42 and 44, lost their lives as they were travelling on a motorbike down the MA-19 in Santanyi

Bleach cleaning begins across village in Spain’s Mallorca as 56 people test positive for COVID-19 in one day

A total of 56 people tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, the largest number of infections that has so far been confirmed in the village

Hotels across Spain’s Mallorca offer unprecedented discounts of up to 50% to avoid closing this month

In an attempt to increase their capacity, reported in some to be as low as 30%, hoteliers are now introducing unprecedented discounts this month

Doctor with no underlying health problems becomes first to die of COVID-19 in Spain’s Balearic Islands

The German national had relocated to Mallorca almost 10 years ago and worked at Clinica Rotger in Palma

New festival launched in Spain’s Ibiza to attract holidaymakers this autumn

The Ibiza Onspring-Offspring Festival serves to extend the summer season and show that the White Isle has much more to offer than its famous nightclubs

No pool or boat parties and smoking ban: Spain’s Balearic Islands introduce tougher measures to combat COVID-19

Boat and pool parties will now be strictly prohibited, since according to the Balearic government, these are where contagions are most likely to occur

British man plummets 150 metres to his death from famous sunset viewpoint in Spain’s Ibiza

It is estimated that the victim fell from a height of 150 metres

Spain’s Balearic Islands vows ‘we will not lock up the people again’ as COVID-19 cases climb

President Francina Armengol did however warn that restrictions may be put in place to help halt the spread of coronavirus

Tourists take down Romanian pickpocket 48 hours after being robbed in Spain’s Mallorca

Investigators say the thief had been arrested five times in just three weeks for the same crime

Spain’s Balearic Islands records HIGHEST number of COVID-19 infections since start of pandemic

Setting a new record, the Balearic Ministry of Health confirmed 228 new COVID-19 cases yesterday

Police arrest 34 members of Romanian pickpocketing gang who preyed on tourists in Spain’s Mallorca

A total of 34 members, all of Romanian nationality, were arrested in multiple raids across the island yesterday

One in three restaurants in Spain’s Mallorca will permanently close this year due to COVID-19 crisis

Significant loss of profits are attributed to the lack of visitors on the island, as well as a commitment to employees on a six-month contract

Two youths arrested in Spain’s Mallorca after gouging cat’s eyes out and beating it to death

The heinous act was uncovered by residents who were awoken in the early hours by a howling feline

NIGHTMARE: Spain’s Balearic Islands set to be declared ‘risk zone’ by Germany as COVID-19 infections exceed threshold

The risk upgrade comes as the number of coronavirus infections has now exceeded the threshold set by Germany

Instascammer dupes Mallorcan restaurants into handing out freebies

Police are investigating a Instascammer who blagged free meals from restaurants and bars across the Balearic Islands by posing as a food...

King Felipe of Spain and royal family arrive in Mallorca for their annual holiday

SPAIN'S royal family has arrived in Mallorca for their annual summer holiday. King Felipe, Queen Letizia and their two...

Spanish police seize €1million haul of cocaine in sting linked to Colombian crime gang

An organised crime sting across Spain resulted in 12 arrests and over €1million of drugs linked to a Columbian drug gang being...