Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Well suicide horror shocks Spain

Policeman on hunting trip commits suicide after waiting days for rescue

Bin Laden comes to Spain

Terrorist chief's pacifist son seeks asylum

Spain’s Kyoto harakiri

As the Copenhagen Summit looms, Spain is EU’s worst offender for emission cuts

Deadly eggs

Spanish eggs blamed for UK deaths

Abortion reforms gain momentum

Spain’s Abortion law changes are one step closer to reality

Split for Duke and Duchess

The first divorce in the Spanish Royal family

Eta youths arrested

Young people suspected of links to terrorist group

My guardian angel on the 64 bus

Stranger diagnoses rush hour passenger with tumour on bus

Parties unite over corruption

PSOE and PP join together to fight problem

Chocs away!

Third-largest airline to be created with merger of BA and Iberia

Don’t let ‘Pepsi’ die

How a worldwide movement is trying to resurrect Spain’s most famous ‘poetic’ lesbian couple Pepa and Silvia, nicknamed ‘Pepsi’

They’ve bottled it!

EU ‘no vote’ saves Spain from loss of 185 million in benefits, while developed countries dig their heels in over proposed greenhouse gas cuts

Wind record blown away

Spain's turbines set new record for electricity generated

Spanish police still using torture

Amnesty International says not enough is being done to prevent it

The 13.22 from Madrid has just overtaken the plane!

For the first time, more passengers are taking the train between Madrid and Barcelona - the world's fifth busiest airline route

Columbus was a Catalan Jew

Explorer's final fascinating discovery

An abortion protest that shrank in size

Organisers claimed millions of protesters, while the media and police insisted there were 250,000. The truth, it emerges, is much less

Spain: Must do better

Only Portugese and Hungarians worse linguists than the Spanish. UK is a classic C-student

Bad luck Tuesday but not for Zapatero

Historic Spanish superstition falls today

An electric car deal!

Electric car initiative sparked by government subsidies

Madrid suffers Olympic heartbreak

Madrid pipped at the post by Rio de Janeiro

Avoid that morning after feeling

Morning After pill available around Spain

Dead healthy!

Doctor ordered to a morgue to check whether relative had come back to life

AVE Maria for Sagrada Familia

Engineers check whether new AVE tunnels could endanger cathedral

Lars tries to crack Spain

Top Danish film director Lars Von Trier launches new Spanish movie company

Pensioners’ Lifeline

Will proposed measures improve pensioners' plight?