Friday, December 6, 2019

Mad Dog: Weather Wobblers

Olive Press columnist Craig Scott discusses Spanish weather

A tight spot

Expenses policy of many town halls is a good example of why Spain is facing economic turmoil

Natural disaster

The floods have been devastating but community spirit will ensure the coast will recover

Fighting the critics

Nothing divides opinion and gets the emotions flowing quite like bullfighting

Muddying the waters

Spanish plans to create a conservation zone in the waters around Gibraltar should be supported - on the face of it

¡No pasaran!

It is madness that, in cash-strapped times, money is being spent removing a prominent Socialist from a street name

The Olive Press becomes leading English website in Spain

Web information source ranks the OP as the most important English language site in Spain

Rebuilding the Costas

We must now all work together to try and draw positives from an awful situation

False Maddie trails

The Olive Press considers the impact of the publicity surrounding the toddler's disappearance

TripAdvisor on trial: An expert’s view

Hotel guide editor Guy Hunter-Watts on why TripAdvisor’s top ratings do not necessarily lead you to its best hotels

TripAdvisor on trial: Editor’s opinion

Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke on how TripAdvisor has reduced the fun of travelling and made it harder to find the region’s true gems

Rubbish idea

The Olive Press weighs in on the new construction projects tearing through the Spanish countryside

Franco throwback

The alarming attempt to gag journalists who disagree with government policies

The Olive Press survey!

Tell us what you think, for a chance to win one of three luxury breaks in Andalucia!

Road to riches: how low can you go

Richard Alexander examines whether interest rates will fall any further and, if so, what that means for investors

Agony Ant – Spanish legal problems addressed

Antonio Flores looks at what happens when opposing lawyers know each other outside of the court room and answers readers legal queries

Back to the future for Spain’s policy-makers

The legacy of Spain's white elephants

Spain’s still glorious!

Spain is off to a slow start in the Olympic standings but maybe we should cut them some slack

An olympic failure

The Olive Press considers how the recently foiled terror plot in Gibraltar challenges our sense of security

King Carlos’ secret trip

What the King's error means in light of the ongoing economic crisis

Green hope

With our annual Green Guide now out, we explore how the environment could benefit from a bailout of its own

Hard times, desperate measures

We explore what desperate times in individual homes signify for the collective Spanish community

Spain’s biggest battle since Franco

Analysis by James Bryce

Taking a bird’s-eye view of hawkers on the Costa del Sol

Hawkers on the Costa del Sol often come from a background of hardship and poverty

Charity starts at home on the Costa del Sol

We consider the issue of homelessness on the Costa del Sol

Convicts in Spain enjoy their share of the showbiz cake

Congress threw out a ban to stop television stations from paying convicts to talk about their crimes on-screen