Innocent in jail?

The tale of a Dutchman's jail nightmare which turned out to be a huge miscarriage of justice

The Ramsay effect!

Foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay works his magic at Jack's Chicken Shack in Fuengirola

Kick in the teeth

Gibraltar FA face a tough battle against football's antagonist and FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Caminito del stay

With work set to be completed on the Caminito del Rey as early as this year, thrill seekers from across the globe will be booking their tickets for the tiny village of El Chorro

Animal rescue crisis

The Olive Press is giving its full support to whatever is now deemed best for the animals at Kim's Animal Rescue Centre

Unfair treatment of Ashya

The treatment of Ashya King and his family has shocked the world

Left in the ashes

For many of the victims of the 2012 Mijas fires, life hasn’t got much better since thanks to continued homelessness and refused compensation

Spanish authorities need to acknowledge the reality of drink-spiking

While we ignore the problem, rapists and thieves are walking free

David’s in the dog house

Klein cannot deny the embarrassing irony of this whole affair

Only the best

Amid all the doom and gloom, it is great to hear news of our business partners excelling in their fields

A change of thrones

Perhaps all we really need is younger, smart-phone savvy monarchs

Rewriting history

New ruling allowing people to request Google remove links to stories about them is truly scary

What’s in a name?

The controversy surrounding the tiny hamlet named ‘Jew Killer’ sparked the curiosity of a global audience

Accepting the risks: Olive Press ‘Company men’ investigation

Months of research went into producing a comprehensive report on Nigel Goldman's unsavoury social circle, but it was not without risks

The Spanish healthcare lottery

The mistreatment of Carol Pickard and Iain Renfrew is truly a tragedy

Opinion: Disgraceful concrete monstrosity allowed to stand

Why was the decision put off for a month at the last minute?

Anti-fraud crackdown at boiling point

The Olive Press will continue fighting to expose fraud on the coast

Continually breaking boilers

The Olive Press has a history of exposing and fighting boiler room crime

Nightmare for Amy

Police are to begin searching for Amy's body following a tip-off

Abort the bill

The Spanish Government has drawn up a draft bill proposing to ban abortion

Nigel Goldman: Responsible reporting

The paper that REALLY cares... now with added moral fibre

This week’s most read news (28 December 2014 – 3 January 2014)

This week’s most read news (28 December 2014 - 3 January 2014)

Magnificent Seven

The best investigative and campaigning English language paper in Spain hits its seventh anniversary

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This week’s most read news (14 December – 20 December 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week




Band of plucky Zapatistas set sail for Spain to begin peaceful invasion of Europe

ON the anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan and the start of Spain's rule in Mexico, a group of indigenous Zapatistas have set sail...