Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Fire alarm in response to blazes across Spain

Dry heat and even drier land create the perfect cocktail for fires

Crossing the line… Alicante police parking blunder

Olive Press opinion piece on a pair of Alicante policemen who left their vehicle parked in a disabled space... and then fined an onlooker for photographing it

Bye bye, Cilla

Cilla, rest in peace, and thank you for entertaining us in such style, with such charisma, for so many years

Crooks canvas: The Ripoff Report

Freedom of speech is an incredible thing, but when a convicted conman is allowed to voice his opinion above that of an integral newspaper or honest businessman then something is amiss

Destination drowning: shocking statistics in Spain

Hundreds drown in Spain's oceans, rivers and swimming pools

No place like home: European mothers are embracing natural birthing techniques

Following the odd Stacie Cottle case earlier this month we took a look at the issues of childbirth in Spain and how it differs abroad

Summer paradox: Third heatwave leaves Spaniards yearning for the winter

So please third heatwave, hurry up and finish so we can revel in the fresh Autumn air once more

Ready to rumble: Gibraltar takes legal action against slanderous statements

The Spanish public have for far too long been fed a warped version of the real situation on the Rock

Stan the man’s Olive Press claims

A new newspaper on the coast published a barely-legible report making numerous claims about the Olive Press

Would this have happened to a Spanish woman?

Clearly bureaucracy - and appalling medical errors - have gotten in the way of humanity in this extraordinary episode

Friends at last?

It comes as no surprise that over 60% of Olive Press readers are supporting a campaign to unify Gibraltar with La Linea

Sporting role models: What happened when a boxer, a footballer and a tennis star visited Marbella?

No prizes for guessing which one returned home in a cloud of controversy

Standing firm: Expat publications united against shady tactics

The Olive Press stands alongside the Euro Weekly News, Essential Magazine and Hot Magazine to call time on Stan Israel's charade

FIFA’s foul play

The arrests of 14 FIFA delegates and the publication of tales of corruption are long overdue

Fighting for the fight

Following the removal of bullfighting from France’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’, we wonder if Spain would ever follow suit

Costa buzz: Costa del Sol still the hottest place to be

The Costa del Sol is bouncing back with a two-finger salute after BBC documentary ‘Last Brits standing’ slated the coast

Round the riverbend: Estepona town hall must act on E-Coli ridden river

Residents at Villas Andaluzas in Estepona are rightly frustrated with the lack of activity coming out of Estepona Town Hall

Year of change: For Spain’s town halls

Spain has voted to end the two party system political system which had lasted long past its expiry date

Spain’s local elections: OUR turn to make a difference

In this country full of nepotic town halls and scandal-ridden politicians, the time is ripe for a new dawn

Holiday scam hitting Spain-bound tourists

Thousands of euros are being lost to the latest online scam

Price of a life: 5,000 people drown in Europe each year

Lifeguards on Spain's beaches are hard to be found outside of peak season

The PP’s great escape in the Barcenas case

The way the PP has wriggled out of the Barcenas fraud case scot-free is an escapist act to rival the great Harry Houdini

Negative selling always backfires…

…while quality always wins in the end particularly when it comes to our fantastic Benalmadena supplement this issue

Tragic one-sided BBC documentary makes a mockery of Costa del Sol expat life

The ‘mockumentary’ Costa del Sol: the last Brits standing was not only negative… but it was plain wrong

Call for action in Marbella

The quick-thinking and bravery of British nurse Zatysha Charlemagne and two other holidaymakers may have saved the life of one stranded tourist in Marbella

I know nothing: Chaves plays dumb in ERE scandal

Just like his famous comedy name-sake from Fawlty Towers, Manuel Chaves insisted this week: ‘I know nothing’





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