Thursday, December 2, 2021



Is the way to go about running a business?

Remember what’s important

A time of remembrance has been somewhat spoilt by the disappearance of 9,000 poppies in Estepona

Reaching for the sky

Young, inspirational Gibraltarians are on a roll

Nothing else matters

Because when Elisha Lang sings, the politics over whether she is Gibraltarian, Spanish, English or otherwise really don’t matter

Helping hand

Gibraltar has sent out the message that it wants to help on a global stage

Flood gates open

Is there no end to Spain’s austerity measures?

Til the bank do us part

For richer or, more often, poorer, money changing hands between friends can have its pitfalls

The Scottish question

Artus Mas may claim victory for his pro-independence Junts pel Si, but failure to secure a majority of votes weakens him

Let’s be friends

Respect should normally be a two-way street

Fabulous fortnight in Gibraltar

A sell-out music festival, National Day celebrations and the launch of a new newspaper on the Rock

Taste of porridge

Chocolate thief Carlos Javier Aguilar-Ballester swiped his sweet swag from a shop 17 years ago

Will he ‘Pasaran’?

Jeremy Corbyn’s dizzying ascent to the Labour premiership is another boon for Europe’s left.

Everyone deserves a holiday – give Manuela Carmela a break

Everyone deserves a summer holiday. But not if you're mayor of Madrid, according to some

REVIEW: The real super kings of Gibraltar

Kings of Leon impress but UK stars Kaiser Chiefs and Madness stole the show, writes Jon Clarke

Spanish rock and pop: Relistening and rethinking

After taking a close listen to the best Spanish bands, we were surprised to discover how darn good they were

Red, white and British pride for Gibraltar National Day

‘Gibraltar is British and is going to stay British forever’

Catalan hypocrites threaten real independence

Artur Mas’ dirty laundry has well and truly been hung out to dry

Total bankers: Cajamar’s dispute with British expat screams of incompetence

When you put your money in a bank account the last thing you expect is for it to be given away

A rap for peace… Matisyahu scandal divides opinion

Matisyahu insists that his songs focus on peace and unity

Fire alarm in response to blazes across Spain

Dry heat and even drier land create the perfect cocktail for fires

Crossing the line… Alicante police parking blunder

Olive Press opinion piece on a pair of Alicante policemen who left their vehicle parked in a disabled space... and then fined an onlooker for photographing it

Bye bye, Cilla

Cilla, rest in peace, and thank you for entertaining us in such style, with such charisma, for so many years

Crooks canvas: The Ripoff Report

Freedom of speech is an incredible thing, but when a convicted conman is allowed to voice his opinion above that of an integral newspaper or honest businessman then something is amiss

Destination drowning: shocking statistics in Spain

Hundreds drown in Spain's oceans, rivers and swimming pools

No place like home: European mothers are embracing natural birthing techniques

Following the odd Stacie Cottle case earlier this month we took a look at the issues of childbirth in Spain and how it differs abroad

Summer paradox: Third heatwave leaves Spaniards yearning for the winter

So please third heatwave, hurry up and finish so we can revel in the fresh Autumn air once more





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