Monday, February 24, 2020

Man jailed after stealing £30,000 from Gibraltar shop

A Spaniard has gone to jail for two years for stealing almost £30,000 from his former employer

Estepona ‘cat burglars’ arrested after targeting expats

Two men used a cat recording to distract their victims

Convicted murderer banned from Gibraltar returns to the Rock and is put back in prison

Luis Ramirez served 11 years for a brutal murder on Main Street in 1997

Spain raises age of marriage and consent

The changes come after pressure from children’s rights organisations

Search launched for two Brits in connection to German’s death in La Cala de Mijas

He died after suffering two blows to the head and collapsing at Captain's Bar on Wednesday night

UPDATE: Mother of abandoned bin-baby arrested in Madrid

The infant was left in an underground bin near his family’s home

Children fishing in Gibraltar are threatened with fines

The Rock’s budding fisherman have allegedly been slapped on the wrists by environment officials for fishing without a licence

Newborn baby found in Madrid bin

Police found the baby inside a plastic bag in an underground bin

Protesters in Pamplona after British teenager reports sexual assault

Protesters gathered in response to sexual assault reports

Prominent Sevilla psychiatrist accused of sex abuse

Investigation is launched following allegations by six former patients

Billboards showing wanted criminals to tour Spain’s top resorts

The initiative from crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is designed to make everyone aware of 18 wanted criminals

John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer murder linked to Spanish hitmen

The timeshare crook, who operated out of Tenerife for decades, was shot dead in his Essex garden

Pharmacy in Sevilla wins right to withhold morning-after pill

Spanish court rules that a fine for not selling the morning-after pill violates pharmacist's ideological rights

British expats arrested for fake kidnapping in Costa Blanca

Kidnapper sent photos of his bruised girlfriend to her parents in Manchester

EXCLUSIVE: British mother reunited with baby 21 days after Spanish hospital claimed ‘it wasn’t hers’

Heartbroken Brit finally reunited with baby after doctors insist on a DNA test to prove it is hers

Pensioner attacks doctor with stethoscope in Velez-Malaga

The man attempted to strangle a doctor after he refused to partake in an insurance scam

‘Vulture’ investment funds scoop up small solar panel plants

New government regulations are forcing small-sized plant owners to sell up as they can no longer make a profit from the energy they produce

British mother forcibly separated from baby after Spanish hospital claims it isn’t hers

EXCLUSIVE: British tourist forcibly separated from her baby after giving birth while on holiday in Spain

European Union votes against Europe-wide ‘Google tax’

Proposals to reform copyright laws on online news stories have been quashed, following an European Committee vote

Two Brits run over Estepona policeman in hit and run

Two British citizens arrested for running over policeman

Vladimir Putin allies assisted Russian Mafia in Spain, says prosecutor

A 488-page document links 27 people to the Russian Mafia in Spain

La Linea drug problem ‘out of control’, says Guardia Civil association

A worrying lack of staff and resources has led to an uncontrollable number of drug traffickers in the area

Costa del Sol harbours Scotland’s most wanted man Derek Ferguson

Derek Ferguson is thought to be lying low in Marbella and Calahonda under the protection of the coast’s crime networks

Spain on high terror alert following attacks in France and Tunisia

Interior Minister Jorge Diaz confirmed that Spain had increased the terror alert from medium to high

Marbella drug gang linked to assassination of IRA boss Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Irish police have linked Davison's murder to last year's assassination of gang enforcer Stephen 'Dougie' Moran

Gibraltar Chief Minister awarded £30,000 damages in Manos Limpias libel case

Picardo took action against the group and its leader Miguel Bernard Remon after he described him in ‘scandalous and false’ terms in front of the European Commission in 2013