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Stop the cruelty

The case of the five dogs poisoned to death in Competa is just the latest case of animal cruelty in Andalucia

Expat campaign to ban animal circus in Manilva and Casares

Following Malaga's decision to outlaw animal circuses, an expat wants the law rolled out along the Costa del Sol

Nativity donkey ‘squashed to death’ in Cordoba

Donkey dies after 150kg man broke into nativity pen and rode it

Mijas pony carousels spark global merry go round

Mijas mayor orders probe into pony carousels following 65,000-strong petition

Death in the afternoon

I am a horse lover. I always have been. In fact you can include donkeys in that, I’d add mules too, but I don’t know them so well, writes OP blogger Mary Biles

PITIFUL: Protests against ‘animal Auschwitz’ lead to salvation and big clean up

EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke. Horrific scenes of animal cruelty filmed at official shelter leads to massive outcry and some dogs being re-homed

UPDATED: Fury over ‘atrocious’ dog treatment at shelter in Spain

Exclusive by Jon Clarke. WARNING: The video contains scenes some readers may find distressing

British woman sees dog beaten to death on her own drive

A British expat in Almogia witnessed a man kill his pet mastin 'because it wouldn't go back to him when when he called it' (This article contains pictures some people may find distressing)

Estepona dog owner ran over his pet in rage

Horryfying attack on beagle dog provokes calls to stamp down on animal abusers in Spain

Tortured cats given new home

Cats and kittens that were tortured and killed by youths have been given a safe refuge

British holidaymakers spend €1,250 helping stray dog in Spain

Chris and Bob Thornton found Noa chained up and emaciated outside an abandoned cottage near Alicante

Torremolinos ‘pet killer’ accused of stealing €1 million of public money

Carmen Marin, who was charged with killing 2,800 animals in Torremolinos without enough anaesthetic, is now accused of siphoning off public cash

Torremolinos animal shelter bosses to be charged with cruelty

An investigation has found evidence that workers illegally ‘performed massive euthanising in the shelter’ between 2009 and 2010

‘Sickening’ kitten attacks in Estepona

Animal charity ADANA calls for intervention to stop cruel behaviour after spate of attacks

Spanish police

Paul Whitelock has become a bit of an expert on the Spanish police lately

Cat arrested for breaking into Spanish house

EXCLUSIVE Police called in to investigate after celebrity neighbour produces 30 photo dossier insisting that the 10 year old cat broke into her house and smashed a chandelier. By James Bryce and Wendy Williams

Fraudulent animal refuge left thousands of animals to anguished death

A donations-funded animal sanctuary condemned pets to a "slow and painful death" to cut costs.

Threats, punches and insults

Following the Alhaurin bull cruelty case, veteran animal rights campaigner Michael Owens recalls his 40 years fighting cruelty in Spain.