Friday, March 31, 2023
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Much sought-after yacht belonging to scandal-ridden Tory peer Michelle Mone finally tracked down in Barcelona

THE infamous yacht of scandal-embroiled Baroness Michelle Mone has been tracked down near Barcelona by activists who renamed it 'Pandemic Profiteer'. The search has been...

Health insurance for British families holidaying in Spain could SKYROCKET under no-deal Brexit

“Boris Johnson ’s reckless, senseless approach to Brexit will leave working families worse off. He must urgently rethink and take no deal off the table”

EXCLUSIVE: Picardo vows to fight Brexit and protect Gibraltar whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt is UK Prime Minister

It comes as Boris Johnson’s team has been accused of breaching data protection laws amid calls by a minister and a former Conservative MP for the information watchdog to investigate the Number 10 candidate

Labour table no confidence vote in UK government as Theresa May loses Brexit deal vote by majority of 230

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a vote of no confidence after Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a historic defeat over her Brexit deal...

ELECTION SHOCKER: Spain’s far-right party Vox win first ever seats in Andalucia as PSOE decimated

It is the first time a far-right Spanish political party has gained seats in a regional election since 1975, when General Franco's death brought the return of democracy

Expat activists blast draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement for ‘failing’ millions of Brits in Europe

The3million and British in Europe feel ‘betrayed’ that Brexit negotiators have not protected expats

Metro poll shows 91% of people think Brexit should be stopped

More than 6000 people have voted in the poll, available to see in the link below, and was started after pro-Europe Tory MP Anna Soubry appeared on The Andrew Marr Show.

Chelsea Clinton condemns Hazte Oir anti-transgender bus heading to Malaga

She took to Twitter to urge Catholic group Hazte Oir not to 'bring these buses to the U.S. (or anywhere)' as it revealed a new bus to tour the country next week

Study suggests that we become more conservative with age

May help to explain the generational difference of the Brexit vote

Gaucin property owner and ex-Tory minister Cecil Parkinson dies at 84

FORMER Tory minister Cecil Parkinson has died. The former Conservative cabinet minister, who was a close friend and ally of Margaret Thatcher, was suffering from...

Election surprise – what next?

Richard Alexander looks to the future after the Tory victory n the UK

British expats bemoan ‘broken’ postal voting system as Cameron wins UK General Election

A total of 113,742 people registered to vote from abroad

Expat Mark Thatcher announces mother’s death

The Marbella-based son of former Prime Minister is thought to have left for England shortly before Margaret's death

MP broke planning rules to expand luxury villa

Tory MP faces bulldozing after falling foul of Spain’s strict building regs

Cameron’s ‘secret’ trip to Andalucia

In the run up to UK elections Tory leader recalls 'secret' holiday to Spain - the one we wrote about a year ago!

Tories target expats to secure election victory

Conservatives have identified Britons living abroad as key group

Caution when buying in Spain

British politicians slam Spanish property abuses

Abortion uproar

Protests from Catholics and conservatives have met reform of abortion laws





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