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David Cameron in Spain to meet Mariano Rajoy as refugee crisis rages

Leader vows to let more migrants in after shocking images of dead Syrian boy

Santander boss appointed to PM Cameron’s economic advisory council

Ana Botin, president of Santander since September 2014, becomes only non-Brit in Business Advisory Group

EU nationals living in UK not allowed referendum vote

Expats who have lived outside the UK for less than 15 years will be able to vote

No need to flap over Cameron win

Property expert Mark Stucklin is convinced that a Conservative election win is excellent news for the Spanish property market… even with a in-out referendum on the horizon

Major British businesses lobbying for the UK to remain in the EU

Chief executives of BT, WPP, Goldman Sachs International are among the companies warning of a 'Brexit'

British expats bemoan ‘broken’ postal voting system as Cameron wins UK General Election

A total of 113,742 people registered to vote from abroad

Fabian Picardo: British EU exit would ‘destroy’ Gibraltar

Writing an opinion piece on Politico Europe, Picardo announced that a 'Brexit' would have 'disastrous consequences' for Gibraltar's economy

Spanish art director lands top job at National Gallery in London

Deputy Director for Collections and Research at Madrid’s Prado Museum will take over in London in August

British pensioners in Spain to be frozen out by cuts to winter fuel allowance

British ministers are cutting winter fuel allowance to pensioners in warm countries

British detectives return to Portugal to question people over Madeleine McCann disappearance

They are travelling to the Algarve today to work on the case for three days

Madeleine McCann: British expat Robert Murat to be questioned

Portuguese police are to question 11 people over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, including Murat as a witness

Expats urged to register with last UK constituency or face losing right to vote

Expats are called on to register as Tories plan to scrap the '15-year rule' that prevents those living abroad from voting after that time

David Cameron gives words of encouragement to Gibraltar’s Chief Minister

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was well received at the Conservative conference in Birmingham

Spain would not welcome an independent Scotland into the EU, insists Rajoy

But the prime minister's comments are thinly-veiled messages to Catalunya

Spanish economic recovery in danger as Europe considers Russia action

EU planning sanctions against Russia after tragic shooting down of passenger jet MH17

British PM David Cameron stung by jellyfish in Lanzarote

The British Prime Minister - on holiday with his family - was heard shouting in pain

British PM David Cameron in Lanzarote for Easter

After a ‘difficult week’, Cameron will be able to kick back on the beach or take advantage of the island’s excellent surfboarding, cycling and hiking

Ex-PM fights back after criticism of his language skills

Former Spanish PM insists leaders shouldn't be penalised for a lack of English

VIDEO: David Cameron talks to the people of Gibraltar

The PM speaks to Gibraltarians via web link on National Day

Royal Navy warships head to Gibraltar

Warships will stay in Gibraltar's waters for three days practicing a range of operations

Cameron intervenes in Gibraltar row

The UK Prime Minister called Rajoy to discuss Spain's treatment of Gibraltar

Fishing dispute leads to the most draconian clampdown in recent Gibraltar history

Picardo says Spain is 'acting like North Korea' with threats of €50 border tax

David Cameron relaxes on Ibiza break

British PM back for his fifth Spanish holiday in as many years

David Cameron enjoys a summer holiday in Spain

British prime minister headeds to Mallorca while Deputy Nick Clegg soaks up the Spanish sun in Valladolid

Is the Tripartite dead?

War of words with Spain heats up as Cameron insists that Gibraltar must decide its own future

Help, help me, Ronda!

Paul Whitelock reckons an extract from the lyric of the Beach Boys 1965 hit resonates with lots of people who have come to Ronda to live. But why is this stunning city so special?





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