Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Quarter of Spanish people believe the Sun orbits the Earth

30% think that humans once lived alongside dinosaurs, according to the latest Social Perception of Science survey

Muslim students lack access to Islamic education in Spain

Nine out of 10 Islamic education teachers are out of work in Spain

Spain has highest school dropout rates in EU for fourth year running

Spain’s dropout rate continues to top the EU, but students seeing education through are more numerous than in recent years ... with a considerable gender disparity

20 years of success at Marbella Design Academy!

In its anniversary year, Marbella Design Academy is bigger, better and more glamorous than ever before

Get educated: The Olive Press guide to schooling in Spain

Choosing the right schools for your kids can be a problem of algebraic proportions for parents newly-arrived on the Costa del Sol. Imogen Calderwood has the facts to help you tick all the right boxes

Calpe International School: A class act

Calpe School has a gold-star reputation on the coast. Rob Horgan went back to the classroom to learn why

First for beauty

Marbella Beauty Academy are going from strength to strength

Why work hard?

The mystery to Spain's economic woes may lie in their work ethos

Good education more crucial to success than working hard, say Spaniards

Only 47% thought that working hard was important for success

Give peas a chance

From Victorians to Peace Festivals, headteacher Miss Kirkham describes another wacky month at the British School of Marbella

New map for expat parents charts all British schools worldwide

The most comprehensive British curriculum search

Spain eliminates university entrance exam to encourage foreigners

The 'huge barrier' exam - Selectividad - is no more

Jump in: No English allowed

The Olive Press sends Imogen Calderwood to experience the total cultural immersion of Pueblo Espanol… and dress up and try on some ridiculous wigs!

Spanish pageant ‘helping hand’ for gypsy teens

Organisers hope to make the teens aspire to education

Calls for education reform as Spanish teens can’t problem solve

Damning report slams 'old-fashioned' teaching methods

Fees for degrees in Andalucia are lower than most of Spain

The region has imposed the second smallest university fee hike in the country over five years

Students launch further strike action against education cuts

The Students' Union demands that people join them and stand up in the defence of public education

Alarming increase in Spanish children abusing parents

Girls are as bad as boys in terms of abusive and aggressive behavior towards parents

Onda launches course to help women change personalities

12 week course designed to help women achieve a good, loving relationship

UK education bottom of the class for ‘neets’

White, working class men most likely to find themselves without work

Andalucia books boost

Region to receive almost a third of book programme budget

Financial education should be put on the curriculum

Entrepreneurs should be celebrated, according to a college professional

Spanish the most important language for Brits to learn

Languages of the future ranks languages by importance

Malaga University student arrested in cheating probe

Student allegedly stole roommates identity to cheat in an exam

Erasmus students protest against funding cuts

Students vent fury at Erasmus grant cut on Twitter

Education pledge from Junta de Andalucia boss

Junta chief claims schooling is key to social equity