Friday, September 18, 2020
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Spanish women encouraged to ditch tampons in favour of sea sponges

In a bizarre set of instructions, the CUP party insists that natural sea sponges are both better for the environment and the human body

How to accept your desires and lead a fulfilling life

Why do so many of us create a life that is not really desirable?

Are the Spanish really as healthy as they think?

The Spanish imagine they’re the healthiest of them all thanks to their Mediterranean diet. But with over half the populace officially fat and unfit, does the looking glass lie? Iona Napier investigates

Which is healthier, wine or beer?

Wine makes you fine

Number of Spanish smokers falls to less than a quarter of population

Smokers stubbing out habit between 2009 and 2014, new study shows

Seeing off sciatica

Sciatica sufferers have a very good chance of overcoming the pain quickly if properly diagnosed, writes consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andrew Clarke of Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital

Charity creates medical ID bracelets for expats

The organisation creates custom metal discs with emergency medical information

A typical Spaniard’s lifestyle is unhealthier than they think

Spaniards judge their lifestyle to be very healthy despite generally sleeping little, skipping breakfast and feasting on red meat…

NHS to clampdown on British expats

UK expats will no longer be able to pop home for NHS operations or routine checkups

Spain’s health tourism sector worth €500 million

Health tourism is a burgeoning sector which currently generates €500 million per year in Spain

Malaga’s health service slammed by recent reports

Malaga’s health service brings up the rear for Andalucia, says recent study

Spanish nurses join the ranks of foreign recruits fleeing the NHS after just months in the job

The language barrier, trouble adjusting and the weather force hundreds to return home

Walnuts could save your sanity

Walnuts, widely grown in Andalucia, have been revealed to significantly boost memory power

Health cuts see more than one million people to lose medical cover in 2015

Spain's Finance Ministry has slashed list of covered doctors and hospitals

Hepatitis C protesters in Madrid demand new drug

Hundreds of hepatitis C patients took to the streets to protest against government cuts

Big cuts in Spain’s healthcare

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

Cuts of 1.9% annually between 2009 and 2012

Prime Minister Rajoy introduces the new face of Spanish health

PP spokesperson becomes new health minister

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy insists ‘Spain is not corrupt’ following resignation of health minister

Rajoy presented two draft laws to tackle corruption before next year's elections

Spain rejects paternity leave extension

Spain's Health Minister has decided against extending parental leave from two weeks to four

UPDATE: Seven more Spanish taken into urgent Ebola observation

A total of 14 people are now under observation or being treated

Spain’s health minister ‘demoted’ over Europe’s first Ebola case

The government has appointed a special committee to deal with the situation, as Ana Mato takes a 'less public' role

BREAKING: Spain government appoints Ebola crisis committee

Scientific advisers will support the committee

UPDATE: Spanish Ebola health worker sheds protective suit in Madrid street putting neighbours at risk

Neighbours at the urbanisation are shocked that the worker took no precautions after cleaning Romero's apartment

More than a third of Spaniards breathing ‘dangerously polluted’ air

The WHO adds that 95% of Spaniards are exposed to 'unhealthy' levels

Spanish Ebola nurse desperately tried to be admitted to hospital for more than a week

Teresa Romero Ramos first contacted authorities on September 30