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King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Letizia to visit the UK this summer

It would be the first visit by Spanish monarch to the UK in more than three decades

Ten things you definitely didn’t know about King Felipe VI

There's a lot more to King Felipe than meets the eye

King’s Christmas speech in Spain receives lowest viewer ratings in 18 years

Almost a million less people tuned in compared to last year

Spain’s royal Christmas greetings

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia were joined by their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Sofia

Three Spaniards arrested for burning photos of King Felipe V

They have been supported by several Catalan politicians

King Felipe VI of Spain reaches out to Malaga towns ravaged by floods

The Spanish royal has taken a personal interest in the floods

King Felipe urged to ‘demand human rights’ after Spain strikes €40 million arms deal with Saudi Arabia

The sale was delayed for around six months amid fears that the weapons would be used in Yemen

New round of talks to start on October 24 to form Spanish government

The two main PP and PSOE parties and others will be invited by King Felipe to try and find a breakthrough

Spain’s prime minister and royal family speak on tragic Orlando shooting

Police say the shooter fired at least 110 rounds into the crowd

Barack Obama’s first Presidential visit to Spain announced

The visit comes at a time of political uncertainty in Spain

King of Spain and family earnings revealed for the first time

The move is an attempt to restore confidence in the monarchy

Spain’s king to meet with political parties in last bid to end deadlock

The king will meet party representatives at the end of this month

King Felipe decides not to bring Spain’s political parties together for talks

Monarch's decision comes after Pedro Sanchez fails in second investiture vote

Infanta Cristina keeping quiet when called as witness in Noos corruption trial

Royal faces tax fraud charges and possible eight-year jail term

Pablo Iglesias surprises with suit and tie at Spain’s Goya Awards 2016

Normally he dresses casually and he famously didn't wear a suit when he met King Felipe VI

Pedro Sanchez prepared for government deal if King Felipe approaches him

PSOE leader's 50-page draft document examines possible pact with Podemos and Ciudadanos

Rajoy turns down King’s invitation to form a new Spanish government

Socialist PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez will now be given the opportunity to form a coalition of other left-wing parties

Spain’s politicians have one week to form a government or risk forcing a second general election

As Mariano Rajoy is shunned by all corners, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez holds Spain’s political fate in his hands

King of Spain’s Christmas speech calls for unity after general election uncertainty

Felipe VI due to meet Spain's political leaders in January

King Felipe records his Christmas Eve message from the Royal Palace of Madrid

Traditional festive greeting made at offical royal residence without Queen Letizia or Lenor and Sofia.

Spanish King Felipe and Queen Letizia in Malaga visit

Royal couple make capital visit for National Awards for Innovation and Design

Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI in Spanish language promotion

King and Queen attend Instituto Cervantes event in Madrid

King Felipe assures MEPs of ‘united and diverse’ Spain

Spanish King speaks out in Strasbourg during official visit

Spain’s Princess Cristina to stand trial for tax fraud in January

If found guilty Cristina faces up to four years in prison, while her husband could be put away for as long as 19 years

King Felipe and Queen Letizia light up Madrid’s Royal Theatre grand opening

The royal duo attended the inaugural performance of the 2015/16 season

King Felipe’s food secrets and handsome new beard-less look

King Felipe’s svelte new look comes thanks to a mindful Mediterranean diet, a sporty lifestyle and a close shave