Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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My Top 10 places to visit in Spain

Recently Paul Whitelock wrote about his Top 10 places in Andalucía. Here he selects his Top 10 in the whole of Spain

Real Madrid deal for young Scottish footballer

Jack Harper from Fuengirola signed by Real Madrid

World’s oldest nun meets the pope in Spain

Sister Teresita entered the convent on April 16, 1927 - bizarrely the same day Pope Benedict XVI was born

Spanish protesters take to the streets against the Pope

‘Lack of money’ has fuelled outrage against his visit

Mountain bikers sue Spanish Cycling Federation

EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce. Expats claim ‘racism’ in cycle competition

Gaddafi’s Spanish money could go to rebels

Funds from Jamis Gaddafi's Spanish accounts could help fund rebellion amid reports that he is dead

Locating bones could solve mystery of Spain’s greatest writer

Archaeologists set to dig up Miguel de Cervantes's bones

Spain is still indignant

Protesters descend on Madrid and make a move for Brussels

Armless Spanish driver takes driving test steering with his feet

Spanish man hopes to be first European to get driving licence using only his feet

Andalucia’s true Frontera of Food

Why Vejer de la Frontera has become the dining room of the Costa de la Luz...

Rocking with Reckless in Spain

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless are heading to Spain this summer

Priceless Leonardo Da Vinci painting comes to Spain

Lady with an Ermine to go on display behind bullet-proof glass

March of Spain’s Indignant

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets demanding a change to the current two-party system

A Middleton in Madrid

The Duchess of Cambridge' little sister has been taking some time out in Spain with her ex-boyfriend

Pope – the musical comes to Spain

Musical tribute to the life of John Paul II

A Hard, Merciless Light

Stunning new exhibition about how left wing worker movements used photos as a powerful tool

You WILL take the train to Spain

Sun-seekers could be forced to take trains from UK to Spain to reduce carbon emissions

One in five children suffer sexual abuse in Spain

Shocking new figures revealed as ASPASI, called a protest claiming the number of victims could be even higher as most cases go unreported

More fury for La Linea mayor

PP mayor Alejandro Sanchez was unhappy after Gibraltar’s chief minister Peter Caruana met two Spanish politicians

Inheritance Tax scrapped in Catalunya

Paul Whitelock looks at the detail of the decision and provides further information about this potentially punitive tax for residents and non-residents with assets in Spain

Axe the Spanish medic attacks

Doctors demand violent patient register after sharp rise in assaults, including recent axe attack in Madrid

Spanish need for speed

Protest group blocks Madrid claiming new speed limit change is just about fines

Family demand probe into US student drowning in Spain

Austin Bice's father has complained about the lack of information from Spanish police

English woman murdered at home

A British woman was stabbed to death

Rebuilding the Wall

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters comes to Spain

Post office troubles and princess castles

Weathering a trip up to central Spain