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Spain welcomes 47.6 million tourists in first seven months of year, spending nearly €60 billion

SPAIN welcomed 47.6 million tourists to its shores in the year from January to July, an increase of 21% compared to the same period...

As Spain’s La Palma Canary Island recovers from volcanic eruption, tourist board puts 8,000 tourism vouchers up for grabs

Stunning waterfalls and springs, natural parks and deserted beaches, well-preserved cultural heritage and local cuisine, and star-dotted night skies. Anyone who has visited the...

Malaga council to ban popular tourist activity from beaches

Tourists will soon be fined from jumping into the sea off rocks along a popular stretch of coast in Spain.  Malaga council will introduce the...

IN PICS: Are these the best six beaches in Spain?

WITH more than 3,000 beaches to choose from across almost 4,964 km of coastline, how does one go about selecting the very best beaches...

Police bring down criminal gang that scammed tourists in Spain with fake holiday accomodation

TEN people have been arrested for ripping off 300 tourists to the tune of €4 million in a series of accommodation and credit card...

Spanish minister calls for UK to ‘green list’ regions in Spain with lowest infection rates

SPAIN has called on the British government to relax Covid-19 restrictions for regions with low contagion rates, the country’s secretary of state for tourism...

Shocked British couple pay £10,000 for VIP Airbnb penthouse in Spain’s Ibiza only to find it doesn’t exist

They were forced to travel 40 miles and pay £200 a night extra for the nearest dog friendly accommodation.

Study reveals Spain as most tourist-friendly country despite terror fears

Europe attracts the most foreign tourists, followed by Asia Pacific, but Spain comes out on top overall in a study by the World Economic Forum.

Airlines increase number of seats to Spain to 205 million for booster summer

Brits account for a huge 18% of seats taken up on airlines flying to Spain
On the up

Andalucia saw a 15% tourist increase in January this year compared with last year

There's hope that the trend will increase throughout the summer months

Spanish hotels losing millions to fake food poisoning claims by Brits

Claimants will have to provide evidence of their illness




Why are Spain’s biggest newspapers filing a €550m lawsuit against Meta’s Facebook?

A GROUP representing 83 newspapers in Spain has filed a €550 million lawsuit against Facebook owner Meta Platforms, claiming that its breaching advertising competition...


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