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Acing it in a man’s world: Our Kate shares her journey from poker player to webmaster extraordinaire

OLIVE PRESS webmaster Kate Langshaw is thankfully used to the late nights of the media from her poker tournament days in Las Vegas. Most of...

UP, UP AND AWAY for space-bound hot air balloon ride from Spanish company

A SPANISH company is to offer a somewhat different balloon ride with a chance to hit the earth's atmosphere and get some spectacular views....

Popular La Manga holiday spot on Murcia’s Mar Menor in Spain goes digital

LA MANGA on the shores of Murcia's Mar Menor will be overhauled into a 'smart and digitalised tourist destination'. Telefonica won the contract to set...

YOU’VE GOT MAIL: Wireless internet connection overhaul planned for more than 1,500 primary schools in Spain’s Valencia region

PRIMARY schools throughout the Valencian Community will be fitted with fast and reliable Wi-Fi from March. The central government in Madrid has announced the inking...

FROM SILICON VALLEY TO THE CONVENT: Leading Valencian entrepreneur gives everything up to become a closed order nun

A 36-YEAR-OLD technological entrepreneur from Valencia who launched a hugely successful start-up company in the US’ Silicon Valley has given it all up to...

BLANK SCREENS as pirate TV supplier of ‘pay’ channels is arrested in Spain’s Murcia region

A pirate TV operation has been smashed by the Policia Nacional that supplied copyrighted channels via the internet to at least 15,000 viewers in...

World-first in Spain’s Costa Blanca region as robot arm does COVID-19 swab tests

RESEARCHERS at Elche's Miguel Hernández University(UMH) have produced a world-first of a robotic arm that takes COVID-19 test swabs. A major plus is that the...

Top maritime equipment maker plumps for expansion on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ONE of the world's biggest nautical electronics firms will move its global marketing and digital transformation base to the Costa Blanca. Norwegian-based Navico already has...

Youtube to be dethroned as kid’s favourite video app in Spain

FOR years, video posting site Youtube has been the go to site to kill time for the nation's youngsters. Easy to use and easy to...

Hard cell? As Spain’s first 5G network is unveiled, the Olive Press taps into the controversial technology

Watching Love Island from the heart of the Campo also supposedly just got a whole lot easier

10 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education By 2028

TECHNOLOGY and education go hand in hand. After all, there’s only so much that we can learn by repeating lists from memory or staring...

Criminals may soon be identified at airports by how they WALK thanks to British and Spanish researchers

This system could soon be in place at airports just like fingerprinting and eye-scanning technology

Madrid’s firefighters go green to reduce pollution in the city

It is estimated the move will save €18,000 and reduce emissions by 50 tonnes while the total cost of the fleet came in at €660,000.

Amazon opens sixth logistic hub in Spain

Amazon will open a sixth logistics hub in Spain this autumn. Some 650 jobs will be created as a result

Roaming charges expected to sky-rocket after Brexit

The feared hikes could see Brits pay up to €50 to stream a single song on their phone

Technology companies in Spain are soaring

The number of technology companies in Spain is up 150%

Spanish Minecraft priest uses computer game to spread the holy word to pupils

Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez uses the 3-D world-building game to teach his pupils religious education

Investment in Spain’s technology firms soars

Over the next five years the government is injecting €1.5 billion into the market through a variety of new funds

Robots take over Spanish classrooms

Robots may be the new frontier for programming education

Fibre-optic broadband on its way to Manilva

Mayor Diego Urieta has announced a deal with Telefonica to bring faster internet speeds to Manilva

Energy plant in Granada to transform toxic waste into electricity

A revolutionary new technology is to be tried out at a power plant in Granada

Spain’s fashion giant Zara reveals what the future of shopping has in store

Including a way of trying on clothes without having to take yours off

Spanish comedy clubs bring in ‘pay-per-laugh’ technology

Spanish comedy clubs work out an ingenious way to get around the Spanish ticket tax laws

Cyber safety in Cordoba…one beer at a time

A social group to promote internet security

Spain most obsessed with tech in Europe

Spaniards spend nearly nine hours a day on devices - outside of work

Barcelona music and technology festival Sonar glimpses future

American students present astonishing inventions





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