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Los Merinos golf course green for go on UNESCO-protected area in Ronda

Eight years of legal wrangling and the planned development might still come to pass

Doñana’s UNESCO status in danger

Unless Spain solves local issues by next February, Doñana could lose its UNESCO status

Sevilla escapes UNESCO’s World Heritage black list

The Pelli Tower does not threaten the city's World Heritage status, apparently

Spanish tourist sites added to UNESCO ‘danger list’

World Heritage status of the Cathedral, Alcazar and Archivo de las Indias in Sevilla under threat from controversial Pelli Tower

Protest against Tarifa beach development gathers cyber support

Mayor Juan Andres Gil swears the project is sustainable - adding that Tarifa has too many 'guiris'

World Heritage site would protect Alhambra area

Sacromonte could be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Pelli tower must be stopped, says UNESCO

The 42-storey building is an eyesore, according to officials

UNESCO officials arrive in Sevilla to assess controversial skyscraper

Officials call for a report as Pelli Tower threatens to lose the city its world heritage status

UNESCO to visit Pelli Tower in Sevilla

A visit from UNESCO officials will determine the future of the 41-storey building

Donana pipeline ‘viable’

Head of the Balboa Refinery insists the scheme is 'viable' but lacks 'political will'

Africa-Spain biosphere reserve promoted

The UNESCO site, established in 2006, covers parts of Malaga and Cadiz provinces

Los Merinos golf was legal… BUT morally, environmentally and ethically wrong!

Ronda mayor Antonio Marin Lara not guilty of corruption

Prehistoric ‘Sistine Chapel’ to remain closed

The Altamira cave was due to re-open this month after an eight-year break

What’s in a name?

The Bishop of Cordoba wants to rename the city’s mosque, or ‘Mezquita’ as a cathedral

Tower gets go-ahead

Sevilla's controversial Torre Pelli gets approval

Benidorm – the new city of romance

Johnny Vegas effect as tourist town tops Valentine's poll

Developers lose six million libel battle

Bosses lose law suit against green, campaigning magazine

A towering furore

UNESCO is joined by World Monuments Fund to oppose construction of controversial Torre Cajasol

Los Merinos would ‘gravely endanger’ local ecosystem

As Ronda mayor appears in court for corruption, new report slams the golf project which he controversially passed

The leaning tower of Sevilla

Architects vote on skyscraper which could lead to Sevilla losing its World Heritage Status





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