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Women do double the amount of unpaid work than men in Spain

SPANISH woman do almost twice as much unpaid work as men. Figures released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) show that women do 26.5...

Spanish company rejects applicant for ‘not being a man’ in Barcelona

The PR agency said that it was never its intention to discriminate against Ms Forcada and call the whole thing a 'misunderstanding'. 

Formula One scrap grid girls for being at ‘odds with societal norms’

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says he cannot see why a ‘good looking’ woman standing next to a driver at the start of a race could be ‘offensive’.

WATCH: Controversial women’s rights campaign labels catcalling as ‘gender violence’ in Spain’s Andalucia

A NEW campaign has labelled 'street compliments' as a form of 'socially accepted gender violence'. Launched by the Junta de Andalucia, the campaign labels men...

Marbella Airbnb nightmare for British girls who lost €1000 on ‘filthy’ apartment

Costa holiday begins with bust-up and robbery, leaving English couple 1000 euros out of pocket

Security increased at Spain’s popular summer fiestas in a bid to protect women

Local authorities come together to keep women safe at Spain´s summer fiestas

GIRL POWER: A look at Andalucia’s strongest women

They were recently named among the most powerful women in Spain

Men and women experience food differently, reveals Madrid scientist

Images of chocolate stimulated the brain more than pictures relating to sex, travel or sport in 69% of men and 62% of women

Seven of the most important women in Spanish history

As macho Spain votes in a Magnificent Seven of influential Spaniards, every one of them male, Nina Chausow asks: where are all the women?

Spain’s female football side call for manager to be sacked

Spain's women footballers want to end their coaches' 27 year reign

Spain’s smoking sadness

SMOKING is the number one killer in Spain, killing more than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs and traffic accidents collectively. A report on premature mortality lead...

Antonio Banderas speaks out about ageing women

Antonio Banderas makes his feelings clear on the pressure society puts on women

Women’s business networking group event comes to Malaga

It's a woman's world for this business club...

Spain introduces FGM protocols

Central and regional governments have given the green light to the protocol, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for detecting, treating and preventing FGM in Spain

Spain’s junior MasterChef causes outrage with sexist ‘genetics’ quip

Social media storms about Spain's larger social attitude

Podemos under fire after men take eight in 10 municipal top spots

Party statute insists that each gender must have at least 40% representation

Study shows women are more emotionally intelligent than men

A study based on conversations between 65 Spanish parents and their children reveals a pattern that leads to higher emotional fluency in women

A quarter of young Andalucians think a woman belongs in the home

'Sexist' views blamed on 'myths of romantic love' by new report

Launch of new women’s networking event in Manilva

Offering women the chance to find suppliers and make new contacts

Calorie counting campaign to drink less alcohol targets women

And find out the calories in what you're drinking

Is your guy a ‘Barbie man’?

Mistress of Sizzle Belinda Beckett on the role of macho Iberico barbecueus in the ritual of al fresco feasting

Spanish women live the second longest in the world

Figures show the average Spanish woman lived to the ripe-old age of 85.1 years in 2012

I was set up over sex lies while women ransacked my home, claims British millionaire

The 'oil tycoon' being investigated over a harem of nine women in his Marbella mansion tells the Olive Press it is all a set-up

British women killed by wave on Spanish island of Tenerife

The two women tragically drowned after being dragged out to sea

Spain sees gender revolution despite the red tape

More than half a million new businesses have been set up by women since economic crisis began

Women given course on how to change their personality

Spanish feminists have slammed a course in Onda that instructs women how to change their personalities to help their relationship





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