Tuesday, 17 October, 2017


The TOWIE couple have called off their engagement following a stormy Marbella break

The actress has arrived in Spain to film scenes for the upcoming ITV series

British PM back for his fifth Spanish holiday in as many years

The reality stars are in Spain to film the one-off special The Only Way is Marbs

The Manchester United star is celebrating a stag-do with friends

Crisis talks for Ronaldo after claims that he cheated on his model girlfriend Irina

A confident and glowing Penelope Cruz splashing around in the sea on holiday in Barbados

Former PSOE councillor of Los Yebenes, Olvido Hormigos, will compete in high-diving competition against other celebrities

King Juan Carlos' daughter could be named as suspect

Hollywood star Alex Baldwin could become an expat

'Maison de Bang Bang' in Ibiza made notorious by 'waste of space' Goldsmith

Javier Rigau says he can prove he was legitimately married to the actress

Russian supermodal poses for raunchy shoot in Andalucian city

Documentary will attempt to track down the car Clash frontman Joe Strummer ‘lost’ in Madrid

Tulisa ends Marbella holiday early to be with boyfriend injured in drunken brawl

Shakira shows off her new baby with a stunning photo on Twitter

Penelope Cruz is rumoured to be expecting her second child

David Elias overcome by noxious fumes 18 months after moving to Spain

New music video, featuring Penelope Cruz, could be a big hit in Spain

Former England captain spotted filming Adidas advert on Costa del Sol

Lineker wanted his mum to be cared for in Britain

The couple’s first child weighed approximately 6lbs. 6 ounces, and both mother and child are in excellent health

The pregnant pop-star and FC Barcelona player have teamed up with UNICEF to supply less fortunate infants with life saving treatment

Clash front man to have a plaza in Granada named after him

Monica Cruz, the model sister of film star, Penelope, has become pregnant through artificial insemination

Jamie Oliver makes a massive paella, while the Olive Press gives the background to the TV chef's top secret trip to Andalucia




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