Monday, July 23, 2018

Healthcare help available for expats in Spain

Helping hand for expats struggling to find healthcare in Spain

‘Wake up call’ protest against health cuts

14 hospitals across Andalucia were closed for 24 hours

Diesel fumes as deadly as arsenic, says WHO

Experts have reclassified diesel fumes from ‘probable’ carcinogens

Keeping safe in the searing Spanish sun

How to strike a balance between topping up your tan and your vitamin D levels - without running the risk of cancer

Raymond Prats: A simple test could save your life

The Simplecare expert explains the risks of vascular disease and the importance of screening

Fresh fish cuts cancer risk

New study has shown that eating it at least once a week reduced the risk of colon and rectal cancer

Booze can cause brain damage, say Spanish researchers

Substance in alcohol destroys part of brain that controls reactions

Death of Bee Gee Robin Gibb highlights colon cancer risk

With the news Robin Gibb has died after a harrowing battle with colon cancer Raymond Prats highlights the importance of regular screening…

Snoring linked to cancer

New research shows heavy snorers could be five times more likely to develop cancer

Understand the new health rules

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at the impact of Spain’s decision to no longer bear the brunt of health tourism and what it means for expats

A pain in the leg

Raymond Prats from Simplecare warns people to take heed of leg pains…

‘One treatment and I had stopped!’

The Olive Press meets anti-smoking campaigner Carol Adams from Stop Smoking in Spain

The puzzle of life: Raymond Prats

Raymond Prats of Simplecare provides a checklist on things to reduce the risk of dementia and help stay young

Canine disease spreads to humans

Cases of leishmaniasis have increased from 15 in 2009 to 228 last month

Aspirin could help beat cancer

A study showed that low daily doses of the painkiller reduced the risk of developing cancer by a quarter over three years

Herbal help for hay fever

In the latest in our series on the herbs of Andalucia, Sue Rodgers offers some herbal allergy remedies…

Cheer for cancer hospice Cudeca

The Benalmadena hospice has reported a budget surplus for last year

Smoking linked to weight gain

Mystery surrounding why smokers gain weight after quitting may have been solved

Hip replacement support group in Spain

Expat launches support group for faulty hip replacement victims after her own ordeal

Nerja health centre edges closer

The news comes after eight years of planning delays

Dodgy hip prosthesis? Raymond Prats offers some advice

Raymond Prats from Simplecare offers advice on what to do if you think a Johnson & Johnson prosthesis was used in your surgery

British pensioner forced to return to UK for knee op

EXCLUSIVE: Ian Dennis has been waiting almost a year for a double knee replacement in Spain

Alcohol advice for parents in Nerja

The session will offer advice about alcohol consumption in young people

Guadalhorce hospital finally finished

It is hoped the facility will be up and running before the end of the year

Stay resolute

Dr Raymond Prats from Simplecare looks at healthy habits to keep up this year

Health dons

Cambridge Weight Plan makes an ‘exciting’ launch in Spain


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