Friday, 15 December, 2017


First kidney ‘domino’ transplant in Spain secures the nation’s place as world leader in organ transplants

Doctors discover that popular vegetable has powerful natural antibiotic to ward off illness

As many as 300,000 Spanish residents could have no entitlement to free healthcare

Pensioner left in agony for days with a broken wrist, described by doctors as the ‘worst they had ever seen

The Olive Press’ Commercial Director Dale Nottingham tries out an affordable private health scheme

But implementation of the EU directive could still be held up by individual states

Grandmothers have taken over childcare duties

New ruling allows expat sufferers to sue their ex-employers much more easily... even from Spain

Get an ‘ology’ to live longer according to a new study

85 per cent do not want a third child because of the difficulties of balancing work and family responsibilities

Patients will be able to seek medical care throughout the continent

Expats who have migrated to warmer climes are likely to have better health

String of health experts attending Living Well in Marbella

Research claims nuts and seeds will make you put on weight

Reporting on smokers in new smoking ban is akin to collaborating with the Nazis, claims politician

As it emerges that one in four Spaniards use prostitutes, Spanish sperm is named best in Europe

Seven tips to avoid the four extra kilos people put on over the festive period

...And being married and male also helps

The number of people with cancer is expected to grow in Spain by 30 per cent in the next 10 years

Married women in their forties have the best sex lives

The five-day boot camp will not only help you lose weight... it might just change your life

As the walnut harvest is in full force, new research finds that walnuts are great for our health

It is fine to breastfeed in public, insist campaigners... and it saves money!

A new book by Dr Vejay Singh – aka Dr Venom – trawls a terrifying list of creepy crawlies found in Andalucía and offers symptoms and treatments. Wendy Williams meets the man and picks out some of the nastiest nasties

A shocking 45 per cent of pregnant women in Spain have admitted to drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Andalucia comes near the bottom for bed numbers and spending per patient




A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...
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