Tuesday, 17 October, 2017


With over 4,000 organ transplants conducted in 2009, Spain is the world leader in the field

They are taken in Taiwan, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bangladesh, and, according to NASA, invigorate the body and soul. The word comes from the Latin for ‘sixth hour,’ and is intended to occur roughly six hours after one wakes up... But why is the siesta culture dying out in Spain? Sara Wallace finds out

New master cells discovered in the fight against skin cancer

Spain is second country to approve the drug containing cannabis

Southern Spain's doctors earn dramatically less than their fellow Spanish medical professionals

A Spanish clinic in Torremolinos has removed a lung cancer using an advanced 'deep freeze' method

British woman claims she was conned out of 10,000 euros for failed egg donation at a fertility clinic

Spain steps up fight to combat increasing number of smokers

A growth in the tiny creatures is sweeping across Spain

Brian Carling explains why the practice helps to alleviate aches and pains

Healthy news for Spain’s hospitals as waiting lists fall

Protests over plan to ban smoking in all public places next year

Sudden swine flu death hits Torrevieja

Matthew Pritchard reflects on his sense of uselessness becoming a father

Millions of Spaniards could be suffering from post-holiday syndrome

Summer garden tips

Costa del Sol clinic claims to have found a cheap miracle cure for obesity. It’s all in the mind

Spanish men lose their mojo as pollution plays havoc with the male gender

Death ignites euthanasia debate in Spain

The oldest baby in the world has been born from an embryo conceived thirteen years ago and frozen in a fertility clinic

RICHARD HARVEY asks whether buying or building a dream home and settling in southern Spain really helps to strengthen a relationship. Or do the demons merely resurface when the dust settles?




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