A DELEGATION for Castellon airport is currently in Sevilla promoting the province as a top tourist destination this August.

Air Nostrum is set to launch the new regular connection between the capital of Andalucia and Castellon on July 28 and, although the service will only run initially for just over a month, the airline hopes to attract around 1,200 passengers.

The Sevilla connection will run on Wednesdays and Fridays, with a launch price of just €29.

However, company spokespeople reveal that demand for the 2,400 seats now on sale is still low, sitting at between 10 and 15%.

Despite the timid start, Air Nostrum are confident that sales will pick up eventually, as the majority of domestic travellers are waiting until the last minute to book their holidays subject to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

Air Nostrum plane
An Air Nostrum/Iberia plane

In a bid to boost the service, a group of 19 tourism companies from Castellon Province this week travelled to Sevilla to meet 33 travel agencies and promote the area as the ‘hidden gem’ of the Valencia region.

Spokespeople for the delegation admit that Castellon is ‘the great unknown’ out of the three provinces and that, traditionally, holidaymakers from Sevilla usually travel to neighbouring Malaga or Cadiz for their summer break.

The regular flight connection is hailed as a fantastic opportunity to bring Castellon closer to Sevilla, offering andaluz visitors a full package of sun and beach, traditional old-fashioned towns, inland tourism, Valencian gastronomy and the Marina d’Or complex in Oropesa del Mar, among other attractions.

Although the regular flight will only run for five weeks in 2021, the idea is to continue promoting Castellon all year round to gradually increase the service to cover four or five months. 


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