Thursday, June 4, 2020

Everyone deserves a holiday – give Manuela Carmela a break

Everyone deserves a summer holiday. But not if you're mayor of Madrid, according to some

Spain’s Rajoy will need all the help he can get on Catalunya independence issue

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

On the fiddle

Unemployment figures in Spain are alarming, not just for the huge numbers of people, but for what they are hiding

TripAdvisor on trial: An expert’s view

Hotel guide editor Guy Hunter-Watts on why TripAdvisor’s top ratings do not necessarily lead you to its best hotels

OPINION: More needs to be done to tackle drink-spiking on Costa del Sol

It is a stain on the coast and has the potential to turn away tourists

Costa buzz: Costa del Sol still the hottest place to be

The Costa del Sol is bouncing back with a two-finger salute after BBC documentary ‘Last Brits standing’ slated the coast

Andalucian capital of art

After the opening of a new gallery and a fabulous new exhibition, Malaga can rightfully claim to be the Andalucian Capital of Art

OPINION: Gas-guzzling heater ban is step in right direction in fight against climate change

The new regulations are sparking much debate on the fight against climate change

Ready to rumble: Gibraltar takes legal action against slanderous statements

The Spanish public have for far too long been fed a warped version of the real situation on the Rock

Soaring through cyber space

Yet another record broken for the Olive Press' fast-growing website

International Women’s Day: Strong role models

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a feminist, but I am independent and I know my self worth, and would encourage every man, woman and child to do the same

OPINION: Will justice finally be done following arrests of notorious Costa del Sol Brits?

While it is excellent news that justice is finally - apparently - being done, for the families of Lisa Brown, Agnese Klavina and Amy Fitzpatrick, the desperate search for answers goes on

Battle for Spain’s beaches

Opposition must work together to save the unspoilt Valdevaqueros Beach

No place like home: European mothers are embracing natural birthing techniques

Following the odd Stacie Cottle case earlier this month we took a look at the issues of childbirth in Spain and how it differs abroad

Hard times, desperate measures

We explore what desperate times in individual homes signify for the collective Spanish community

OPINION: Ship Stephen Jackson back now!

The sooner Jackson is quizzed over Lisa Brown the better

Call for action in Marbella

The quick-thinking and bravery of British nurse Zatysha Charlemagne and two other holidaymakers may have saved the life of one stranded tourist in Marbella

Defences mustered

Over 1,000 daily attacks on Gibraltar’s business sector

What you’re chatting about… (7 – 13 December 2013)

The Olive Press’ most commented news of the week

Abuse of justice

Shocking charges thrown out for nine of the 10 Catholic priests accused of sexually assaulting an altar boy in Granada

We hope Clegg nicks it

With the General Election less than two days away, the Olive Press puts its cards on the table and reveals who its backs for the UK's top job

One year on

January 9, 2008. The date will forever be etched into the minds of those who have fallen victim to regional government's drive to rid Andalucía of illegal housing.

OPINION: Celebrities are pushing Mallorca’s positive image at the moment and the season has not even started

Celebrity DJ Idris Elba was over last month, along with Katie Price and Jamiroquai, and of course, Caroline Flack and the Love Island gang are just around the corner

Unfair treatment of Ashya

The treatment of Ashya King and his family has shocked the world

This week’s most read news (28 December 2014 – 3 January 2014)

This week’s most read news (28 December 2014 - 3 January 2014)