Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Playing the game

New 'prostitution school' raises questions over how best to help vulnerable women forced onto the streets

Belinda Beckett reveals the jargon which makes her stomach turn

Had Shakespeare himself been around today, he would be having a Twelfth Nightmare trying to fit sayings like ‘the feel-good-factor’ into a rhyming couplet.

A wonderful world

In an act of true brotherly love, Manni Coe has set up an inspirational blog for his brother who has Down Syndrome

Bye bye, Cilla

Cilla, rest in peace, and thank you for entertaining us in such style, with such charisma, for so many years

Over the top

Rather than slapping youngsters with heavy fines for skateboarding, Torremolinos Town Hall should be providing more dedicated spaces for youngsters

Destination drowning: shocking statistics in Spain

Hundreds drown in Spain's oceans, rivers and swimming pools

What a lot of old bull

As bullfighting stories once again flood the media Wendy Williams discusses what the future may hold for this controversial sport

PSOE Junta boss Susana Diaz: ‘I am going to govern alone’

Despite not taking a majority, Diaz has ruled out the possibility of a coalition government in Andalucia

Giant step for expats

Good news for expats, as they are set to regain their right to vote in UK elections

The Germans are back!

Prudent Germans are buying Spanish homes once again, just as Britons are leaving en masse. The Times' Mark Stucklin finds out their secret

Driving us crazy: Conspiracy theories are circulating around the mystery Estepona roundabout

The A-7 roundabout has been under construction since October

FIFA’s foul play

The arrests of 14 FIFA delegates and the publication of tales of corruption are long overdue

Cystic fibrosis campaigner’s legacy lives on in hopes to legalise new drug Orkambi in Spain

Becky Baker passed away at only 32, but her tireless campaign to help other sufferers of cystic fibrosis continues

Call for action in Marbella

The quick-thinking and bravery of British nurse Zatysha Charlemagne and two other holidaymakers may have saved the life of one stranded tourist in Marbella

Sporting role models: What happened when a boxer, a footballer and a tennis star visited Marbella?

No prizes for guessing which one returned home in a cloud of controversy

Spain’s Rajoy will need all the help he can get on Catalunya independence issue

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

Moving on

The Olive Press' Phoenix Campaign will help people rebuild their homes after devastating fires

OPINION: Tighten up security at Malaga airport

Who would argue for scrimping and saving in the fight against terror?

Top 10 most popular online stories in Olive Press history

Since we launched the Olive Press website we've published more than 16,000 news items that have attracted almost 47,000 comments? Find out what have been the top stories...

Fighting the critics

Nothing divides opinion and gets the emotions flowing quite like bullfighting

OPINION: After an expat nursery was forced to close, we must cut red tape so bureaucracy does not put...

The fact such worthy enterprises can be crushed by such arbitrary town hall decrees is both disheartening and sickening

International Women’s Day: Show me a woman who doesn’t have balls!

Fortunately, journalism offered equal opportunities – female and male reporters alike were sent off to cover football

OPINION: Stan Israel’s conduct must be reported on

It's hard to ignore when many members of ex-staff and printers queue up with stories of non-payment

Back to the future for Spain’s policy-makers

The legacy of Spain's white elephants

Time to heal

Humans make mistakes and nobody is perfect, so when errors are made, the course of action is simple: Communicate properly, own up if necessary and make amends quickly and fairly

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