Saturday, May 21, 2022


COMMENT: Valencia President Ximo Puig deserves credit for COVID fightback on Spain’s Costa Blanca but why can’t we raise...

THERE is no disputing the amazing turnround in the Valencian Community's COVID-19 crisis which saw the virus running amok in January to make it...

Gold-plated readers

Our online readership is getting bigger each week

Mad Dog: Weather Wobblers

Olive Press columnist Craig Scott discusses Spanish weather

Catalan hypocrites threaten real independence

Artur Mas’ dirty laundry has well and truly been hung out to dry

OPINION: Johan’s legacy

His legacy lives in the beauty of the team that adorns Camp Nou to this day

OPINION: Long-awaited victory after dodgy dentist legal battle

The Olive Press feels vindicated, after warning our readers of this twice-struck-off professional lurking in our midst

Save our houses

Any house built since 1986 that doesn’t comply with guidelines of that year may be illegal, which is a terrifying reality for thousands of expats

Unfair treatment of Ashya

The treatment of Ashya King and his family has shocked the world

Til the bank do us part

For richer or, more often, poorer, money changing hands between friends can have its pitfalls

REVIEW: Four major problems with Woody Allen’s latest film based in Spain’s San Sebastian

WOODY Allen struggled to find a distributor for his latest film Rifkin's Festival after sexual abuse allegations shunned the director from Hollywood. But Spain...

OPINION: Alhaurin Town Hall should be ashamed

It is time Alhaurin Town Hall took responsibility

A tight spot

Expenses policy of many town halls is a good example of why Spain is facing economic turmoil

OPINION; UN involvement in Almeria olivos scandal is positive step

IT’S great to see that the United Nations are taking the environmental concerns of David Dene seriously. In this day and age we need to...

Summer paradox: Third heatwave leaves Spaniards yearning for the winter

So please third heatwave, hurry up and finish so we can revel in the fresh Autumn air once more

Drip, drip of your water footprint

Forget your carbon footprint. It’s your ‘Water Footprint’ that you need to worry about, writes Bob Denton. The next 20 years are already forecast to bring us ‘water wars’ – and the move to dedicate increasing amounts of agricultural land to bio-fuels will only make things worse

Opinion: Summer travel is light at the end of the tunnel after 12 months of gloom

Taking flight  PLANES, trains and automobiles at the ready,  there’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Families separated by the current international travel restrictions...

Call to arms: Why the upcoming general election matters to expats

But instead of feeling fatigued, Bremain in Spain campaigner John Moffett is right to suggest that expats should look forward to the vote as an opportunity to influence Brexit

The Scottish question

Artus Mas may claim victory for his pro-independence Junts pel Si, but failure to secure a majority of votes weakens him

OPINION: Spain may be hosting the pivotal COP25 climate conference, but Madrid may need to rethink its approach to...

“People are lazy about not using their cars,” says volunteer Cristina Gomez. “There’s no excuse. We have a very good public transport system”

OPINION: Flying Dutchwoman faked her own death

The lows to which Ana van der Pluijm has dipped are in a realm of their own

Lights, camera, reality

Spain can be proud of this brave, progressive woman

OPINION: Why Madrid has rewarded the anti-lockdown right-wing leader Isabel Ayuso

Madrid-based Olive Press digital editor, Fiona Govan, explains how Madrid's incumbent leader, Isabel Ayuso, confounded the international consensus that lockdowns are overwhelmingly popular with the public when she secured a landslide win for her conservative Popular Party (PP).

Only the best

Amid all the doom and gloom, it is great to hear news of our business partners excelling in their fields

OPINION: On June 23, Remain is right

Britain deserves better than Farage and Gove's vision of our future

Meet the American in Malaga helping women move to Spain to live their best life, whatever their age

If you've always wondered what it's like to live abroad, then what are you waiting for? In Cepee Tabibian's opinion there is no...

Michelin star chefs are true heroes

The chefs behind the 21 new Michelin ‘Green Stars’ are among the true heroes of Spain. This select, forward-thinking group have been championing sustainability in...





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