Saturday, February 16, 2019

TripAdvisor on trial: An expert’s view

Hotel guide editor Guy Hunter-Watts on why TripAdvisor’s top ratings do not necessarily lead you to its best hotels

Drop the bullyboy tactics

Time to draw a line under row over Gibraltar's sovereignty

Crooks canvas: The Ripoff Report

Freedom of speech is an incredible thing, but when a convicted conman is allowed to voice his opinion above that of an integral newspaper or honest businessman then something is amiss

Playing the game

New 'prostitution school' raises questions over how best to help vulnerable women forced onto the streets

And the blockhead award goes to…

Fugitive on the run in Spain is caught after revealing his location on Facebook

Driving us crazy: Conspiracy theories are circulating around the mystery Estepona roundabout

The A-7 roundabout has been under construction since October

Friends at last?

It comes as no surprise that over 60% of Olive Press readers are supporting a campaign to unify Gibraltar with La Linea

Justice for superjudge

He might be brave, bright and innovative, but that does not mean Baltasar Garzon is above the law, writes Antonio Flores

We prayed for rain and boy did it come

We prayed for rain and boy did it come, writes Giles Brown

OPINION: Johan’s legacy

His legacy lives in the beauty of the team that adorns Camp Nou to this day

David’s in the dog house

Klein cannot deny the embarrassing irony of this whole affair

The Olive Press scoops Costa Press Club awards

Reporters pick up southern Spain's key journalism prize

Testing Telitec

I’VE just spent a month thoroughly testing out Telitec. While initially the company’s 4g box didn’t impress, doing little more than my previous Movistar package,...

Tragic one-sided BBC documentary makes a mockery of Costa del Sol expat life

The ‘mockumentary’ Costa del Sol: the last Brits standing was not only negative… but it was plain wrong

Remember what’s important

A time of remembrance has been somewhat spoilt by the disappearance of 9,000 poppies in Estepona

DROP OF COMMON SENSE: Are humans to blame for the floods that have ravaged Spain’s Costa del Sol?

Heavy rainfall is not a recent phenomenon, but Mediterranean sea warming and building in the wrong places is adding to the recent flooding problems, writes Harry Ward

Fighting for justice

Battle to get lawyer struck off is taking far too long

¡Enhorabuena Olive Press West!

Hip hip hurray! Olive Press West is one today. Has it really been 365 days since our sister newspaper was launched? For 12 months,...

Road to riches: how low can you go

Richard Alexander examines whether interest rates will fall any further and, if so, what that means for investors

Lifeguards and defibrilators on Mallorca booze cruise boats seem sensible moves

Reports of safety measures in other holiday resorts suggest improvements can be made

All that glitters is not gold

When a mayor can dip his hand into public coffers and pull out €50,000 for a frivolous purchase then questions need to be asked

Wrong judgement

It would take a saint not to wonder why top Spanish judge Carlos Divar took 20 trips to a sunny seaside resort at the taxpayer’s expense

Home sweet home: The power of helping one another

Thanks to the Olive Press’s campaign and the charity of good samaritans, Paul and Leslie Dunt and their 17 dogs again have a place to call their own

Year of change: For Spain’s town halls

Spain has voted to end the two party system political system which had lasted long past its expiry date

Kramer v Kramer

Pitting lawyers against each other is not exactly big news. But when they are suing each other it gets more interesting

Be ‘appy with the Olive Press!

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Using Cryptocurrency as a Major Mode of Payment

Cryptocurrency has gone from an obscure topic of conversation among computer specialists to a major feature of contemporary public life. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have promised that...