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Protect Andalucia

Those entrusted to protect Andalucia's natural heritage are pushing their power to the limit

OPINION: After an exploding rum cocktail in Spain left three people hospitalised, do we need to re-examine modern nightlife?

It is paramount that these ‘Instagenic’ elements of modern nightlife are scrutinised before being unleashed on the public

Everyone deserves a holiday – give Manuela Carmela a break

Everyone deserves a summer holiday. But not if you're mayor of Madrid, according to some

Spain’s local elections: OUR turn to make a difference

In this country full of nepotic town halls and scandal-ridden politicians, the time is ripe for a new dawn

OPINION: Are storm drains to blame for the severity of damage to British expat businesses in the Costa Blanca...

While many of us are still dealing with damp basements and insurance claims, we should take note of the municipal elections coming up on May 22

We are two today

OLIVE PRESS WESTERN ISSUE MAKES IT TO TWO YEARS!!! WELCOME to the weird and wonderful world of the Olive Press where no stone is...

This week’s most read news (23 – 29 November 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week

OPINION: After it emerged taxi rapist John Worboys is learning Spanish in prison, we must not let him into...

Worboys would be among the sickest and most dangerous expat criminals to have ever inhabited this country

Magnificent Seven

The best investigative and campaigning English language paper in Spain hits its seventh anniversary

Never give up

Christmas can be a time of great joy, but it is also about remembering what you have and what you don’t

Online victory for Olive Press website

We have become THE key local news website for many expats around Spain

Nightmare for Amy

Police are to begin searching for Amy's body following a tip-off

OPINION; Rothschild response is a welcome development in alleged expat loan fraud

Finally, Baron David Rene de Rothschild has answered the Spanish courts over his company’s involvement in a scheme that may have unjustly deprived over 130 mainly British pensioners of their life savings

OPINION: Tighten up security at Malaga airport

Who would argue for scrimping and saving in the fight against terror?

Keep the power

When a 66-year-old woman is living in fear, afraid to answer the phone or open the door, something has seriously gone wrong

This week’s most read news (19-25 October 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week

OPINION: Migrant lives are valued less than fish as governments continue to prioritise profit over people

AS Brexit negotiations are taken down to the wire, the final sticking point for Johnson and his cohort is, bizarrely, fish.  Like school children scrapping...

OPINION: The shock verdict that sees Westley Capper and Craig Porter ‘walk free’ is an insult to Agnese Klavina’s...

The crux of the case rested on the lack of evidence and the prosecution’s inability to provide a clear narrative of what happened to Agnese

What you’re chatting about… (14 December – 20 December 2013)

The Olive Press’ most commented news of the week

OPINION: Will justice finally be done following arrests of notorious Costa del Sol Brits?

While it is excellent news that justice is finally - apparently - being done, for the families of Lisa Brown, Agnese Klavina and Amy Fitzpatrick, the desperate search for answers goes on

OPINION: If everyone understands how important protecting our planet is, then let’s just do it

IN a world where recycling plastic is becoming all the more popular, scientists at Mallorca’s University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) have provided Mother Earth with a helping hand.

A change of thrones

Perhaps all we really need is younger, smart-phone savvy monarchs

OPINION: Desperate British families losing thousands in Spain villa scams show that we need more dedicated fraud officers

Dedicated police officers need to be made available for these crimes, or at the very least a cyber crime hotline promising rapid action

Rewriting history

New ruling allowing people to request Google remove links to stories about them is truly scary

OPINION: Belsen Berney’s hero legacy tainted by dishonesty

Sad that a war hero’s legacy has been tainted by his dishonesty




Pregnant woman and 8-year-old boy amoung those who lost their lives in tragic Lanzarote shipwreck

At least four people died, including a woman reported to be pregnant and a child, and another four were missing after a migrant boat...


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