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OPINION: It’s time Spain took responsibility once and for all to protect homeowners instead of penalise them

The horror and heartbreak of seeing one’s home smashed into smithereens isn’t a fate reserved solely for those living under threat of Russian bombs...

OPINION: The shock verdict that sees Westley Capper and Craig Porter ‘walk free’ is an insult to Agnese Klavina’s...

The crux of the case rested on the lack of evidence and the prosecution’s inability to provide a clear narrative of what happened to Agnese

Start the day the right way

Fast food giants Burger King have become the latest victims of the Spanish government’s campaign for a fitter, healthier (happier?) nation. Health minister Elena...

A tight spot

Expenses policy of many town halls is a good example of why Spain is facing economic turmoil

In the dog house

Mayor of Collada Villaba involved in racist blunder

Let’s be friends

Respect should normally be a two-way street

Innocent in jail?

The tale of a Dutchman's jail nightmare which turned out to be a huge miscarriage of justice

OPINION: Are storm drains to blame for the severity of damage to British expat businesses in the Costa Blanca...

While many of us are still dealing with damp basements and insurance claims, we should take note of the municipal elections coming up on May 22

Bye bye, Cilla

Cilla, rest in peace, and thank you for entertaining us in such style, with such charisma, for so many years

Opinion: Heart-breaking burglary is sad factor of life in southern Spain

But to lose such priceless, sentimental items as war medals and a christening present is heartbreaking for Sally and David Russell

OPINION: Unbalanced scales of justice for wrongly convicted rapist

Spain’s lengthy judicial process meant Van der Dussen languished in hellish jails for for nine more years after cops found evidence of his innocence

This week’s most read news (9 – 15 November 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week

We prayed for rain and boy did it come

We prayed for rain and boy did it come, writes Giles Brown

Expats should be able to care for elderly in UK

Let’s face it, It’s such a challenging job that many back in Britain quite simply won’t consider it

Culture kings

Spain takes steps to give its cultural icons the recognition they deserve

OPINION: After an expat nursery was forced to close, we must cut red tape so bureaucracy does not put...

The fact such worthy enterprises can be crushed by such arbitrary town hall decrees is both disheartening and sickening

Humped together

Animal rights are too often forgotten in the name of 'entertainment'

Lights, camera, reality

Spain can be proud of this brave, progressive woman

A rap for peace… Matisyahu scandal divides opinion

Matisyahu insists that his songs focus on peace and unity

Brexit Supreme Court case most important in legal history

For the first time, all 11 judges will sit to rule on a decision that could have far-reaching constitutional and political consequences

New dawn rising

Spain ‘is going through a new transition’, said the Podemos leader

Over the top

Rather than slapping youngsters with heavy fines for skateboarding, Torremolinos Town Hall should be providing more dedicated spaces for youngsters

OPINION: Fire and brimstone brings out Spain’s ‘Blitz Spirit’

IN Britain we call it the ‘Blitz Spirit’- that sense of community that brings people together in the face of great adversity, not just...


Is the way to go about running a business?

Ban the brutality

Spain criticised for police brutality

DROP OF COMMON SENSE: Are humans to blame for the floods that have ravaged Spain’s Costa del Sol?

Heavy rainfall is not a recent phenomenon, but Mediterranean sea warming and building in the wrong places is adding to the recent flooding problems, writes Harry Ward





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