Saturday, February 29, 2020

Irish holidaymaker slain in Costa killing

The 41-year-old was on holiday with his family

EXCLUSIVE: Costa del Sol removal company accused of leaving expats hundreds of euros out of pocket

A GROUP of expats have slammed a Costa del Sol removal company and its boss for allegedly failing to deliver goods which they had...

New ‘hidden speed cameras’ to be rolled out across Spain within days

The DGT hopes it will help reduce accidents caused by speeding

Police seize 11 in anti-Islamist operation in Catalunya

Police today seized 11 people on suspicion of a planning an Islamist attack in Catalunya

Rogue trader exposed by BBC watchdog sets up property portal in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Warning after British rogue trader launches Spanish property portals

Thugs arrested after woman is sexually assaulted at gun point in Spain’s Malaga

She was set upon as as she put her three month old son in a car seat

Three foreign men kidnap woman and bundle her into car in broad daylight in centre of Spain’s Sevilla

THREE men have been arrested after kidnapping a woman in broad daylight in Sevilla.  The French, Portuguese and Algerian trio brazenly grabbed the woman and...

Five arrested for repeatedly blowing up cash machines

The same gang appears to have been behind at least ten incidents across Malaga province

The court case for Spain’s biggest political corruption scandal in 40 years begins

As proceedings begin in the biggest political scandal to hit Spain in over 40 years, Rob Horgan takes a look at who is standing in the dock

OPINION: British fraud victims in Spain can be hopeful after MPs – who never agree on anything – lend...

Indeed getting more than a handful of MPs to agree on anything these days is certainly no small feat

Tolo trouble! Two key trials set to take place over next fortnight

SENIOR members of the Mallorquín police, including a commissioner, are facing ten years in prison for their involvement in the Tolo Cursach case. They are...

Interpol hunting ISIS terror cell that is targeting Spain and Germany

Four Brits in the cell said to be planning further attacks in Europe

Landsbanki fails to evict 85-year-old with Alzheimer’s in Ronda

Landsbanki, which filed for insolvency in Spain in March, attempted to foreclose on the woman and her husband, but its recent Ronda court case against her has stalled

Further blow for Cursach as Megapark capacity reduced by half

THERE was more bad news for disgraced nightlife magnate Tolo Cursach this week. Megapark, marketed as Europe’s largest beer garden, will have its capacity slashed...

Largest ever cocaine haul made in Spain’s Sevilla as 1000 kilos of the drug smuggled in banana truck

Udyco anti-drug officers from Sevilla and Malaga forces were behind the record raid

Spain blocks extradition of London banker to USA

A former London banker wanted for carrying out a multi-billion euro trade coverup is saved by Spain

Surveillance helicopter catches man travelling at 223 km/h while ‘on drugs’ near Gandia on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A SURVEILLANCE helicopter has caught a man travelling at 223 km/h on the AP-7 motorway near Gandia, on the Costa Blanca.

Suspected killer Simon Corner on the run in Spain after allegedly breaking bail conditions

SPANISH police have reportedly issued an arrest warrant for Simon Corner following an infringement in his bail terms. The 36-year-old who was freed from Algeciras...

Alicante rapist jailed for 12 years after claiming asylum seeker, 26, could not report him because she was an...

A CONVICTED criminal has been sent back to prison for 12 years after raping an asylum seeker and claiming she couldn’t denounce...

London police stand down after finding ‘no trace’ of reported gunshots or suspects

LONDON police have stood down in Oxford Circus saying they have found 'no trace' of gunshots or suspects. It comes after hundreds of shoppers fled...

British woman sees dog beaten to death on her own drive

A British expat in Almogia witnessed a man kill his pet mastin 'because it wouldn't go back to him when when he called it' (This article contains pictures some people may find distressing)

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Marbella beauty ‘sexually assaulted’ on Big Brother, on-screen boyfriend kicked off show in tears

A BIG Brother contestant has been kicked off the show after allegations he sexually assaulted one of his female co-stars. Programme bosses called in the...

Ronda hotel murder unsolved

Two Arabs and a Frenchman released after three years in prison

British recycling company fined after Spanish worker has both hands severed

Ivan Menedez had both his hands severed at the writs while cutting metal strips on an industrial baler

ONE PUNCH KILLER: British tourist arrested in Spain for killing pensioner on Costa del Sol

The 45-year-old Brit was arrested at Malaga Airport after killing a dad-of-three in August