Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Fourth Reich

With Hitler’s 120th birthday this week, the Olive Press looks at his legacy in Spain and investigates the comfortable existence his former henchmen enjoyed on the Costa del Sol

What your abogado may not have told you

In the first of an occasional series of articles on key issues affecting people in Andalucia, architect Liam Kellahar looks at dodgy lawyers and how to avoid them

A chilling summer

Craig Vincent gives a moving account on what he found while working in Malaga as a volunteer on what is probably Spain’s largest mass grave

Grand Cru Andaluz

Wine extravaganza will be an assault on the taste buds (as well as the wallet)

Sinking in a sea of sand

Climate change map shows Spain, France and Italy turned to desert in just 40 years.

Beat the Property minefield

Nick Snelling has written a book on how to sell your home in a recession.

‘Best bargain hotel in the World’ near Ronda

Hotel Molino del Santo, in Benaojan, has also been voted ‘Best Hidden Gem in Europe’ by the millions of customers who use the Trip Advisor website each year.

A green way to go

It may not be the final nail in the coffin for greenhouse gas emitting vehicles, but Granada has become the first city in Europe to use eco-friendly hearses.

Think yourself thin

Costa del Sol clinic claims to have found a cheap miracle cure for obesity. It’s all in the mind

You’ll Novelli guess who’s moving in

Famed TV chef opens new restaurant on the Costa del Sol and goes house hunting in Ronda

Cosa Nostra del Sol

Leading Mafia experts and Italian newspaper claim Spain - particularly the Costa del Sol and Barcelona - is now the centre for global organised crime

That most precious of black golds

The Olive Press sent David Baird to Riofrio for a lunch of fresh trout and... award winning, eco-friendly local caviar? We kid you not

The coast is clear… or not?

Has ratification of the 1988 Coastal Law changed anything in Andalucia?

How to beat the shopping trolley blues

You can get Don Simon orange juice and Mahou beer at own brand prices if you know where to shop. The Olive Press sent Paul Whitelock to investigate why shoppers are switching supermarkets and choosing different brands

An end to the Eldorado dream

Tens of thousands of British pensioners in danger of going below the poverty line as exchange rate plummets

Dear Señor Chaves

Dan Thorneycroft came to Spain to enjoy semi-retirement. But his dream is fast turning into a nightmare after he discovered the home he bought is illegal and faces demolition

The good, the bad and the ugly

Bob Maddox goes gunning for the greenhouses that cover Spain's southern coast. But El Gringo Maddox, who normally shoots from the lip when plastic is concerned, finds that those invernaderos could be the key in the fight against global warming

The judge who roared

He has gone after South American dictators and Middle Eastern terrorists, but now it seems Baltasar Garzon has finally met his match in tackling Spain's forgotten past

Poisoned bait leads to vulture and lynx deaths

Rare animals “deliberately killed” by farmers

The food fight begins

As the Slow Food Movement starts to make inroads in northern Spain, Dick Handscombe travels to Italy to find out how to spread its message in Andalucia

A very Hispanic soap opera

He rose from nothing to become the mayor of Marbella. With his superstar girlfriend and expensive tastes, his face appeared in gossip magazines throughout Spain

From Jete to El Bulli

It is classed as one of the best wines in Spain and is served in some of the nation's top restaurants. MARK ROULSTON heads to the modest village of Jete to revisit the even more modest bodega of Calvente

Law threatens Albariño wine

Draft law proposed by the region's health authority could effectively outlaw wine production.

The great emasculator

Spanish men lose their mojo as pollution plays havoc with the male gender

“The dead are so many here”

MARK ROULSTON travels to Órgiva to hear the history of what could be Spain's biggest mass grave

A secret Swiss bank account, the near concreting of a famous white town and a soap that’s anything but...

The perverse twists and turns of politics inside the celebrated white town of Gaucín have led to the description as ‘El Culebron de Gaucín’, or The Gaucin Soap Opera.