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VIDEO: Shocking footage of toddler forced to drink beer and smoke in Spain

Sat outside a Spanish cafe, two Romanian men laugh as the child drinks beer and puffs on a cigarette

Dancing and singing Spanish babies responding to music in mothers’ wombs

Study shows unborn babies moving mouths in time with music

Four-month-old baby hospitalised in Malaga with signs of sexual abuse

The baby's parents have been detained, with investigations focused on the father

UPDATE: Mother of abandoned bin-baby arrested in Madrid

The infant was left in an underground bin near his family’s home

Newborn baby found in Madrid bin

Police found the baby inside a plastic bag in an underground bin

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The moment Stacie Cottle leaves hospital in Spain with newborn baby

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of British mother leaving hospital with baby after three weeks of doctors insisting the newborn was not hers

UPDATE: Agonising wait continues for British mother separated from newborn baby

A British mother claiming her newborn girl has been taken from her by a Spanish hospital is still waiting to be reunited with her daughter after two and a half weeks

Mother avoids prison after selling baby for €5000

Mother walks away with a one year suspended jail sentence in Benidorm

Mother whose child was crushed by luggage carousel at Alicante airport takes manufacturer to court

Nathania Terry watched helplessly as her five-month-old baby was dragged into a gap between two carousels

Spanish justice minister grants right to life for deformed babies

New revelations in Spain's controversial abortion saga

Police arrest six at eviction of family with newborn baby in Madrid

'Extreme violence' was allegedly used at the eviction of the young family

Spanish woman throws newborn baby from first floor window

Incredibly the baby boy survived the seven-foot fall but was found by police suffering from hypothermia

British woman gives birth to biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain

Maxime Marin gave birthday to 6.2 kilo Maria Lorena Marin earlier this week

Spain’s own royal baby!

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have their second child

Frankie Sandford brings her bump to Marbella

Saturday lovely Frankie shows off her burgeoning belly on a night out

Malaga couple jailed for buying baby

The married couple were sentenced to two years prison for their involvement in the purchase of a baby from Ceuta

Doctor ‘stole baby’ in Cadiz

A mother has won an appeal to reopen a stolen baby case from three decades ago

Tech-savvy tots

Increasing number of pre-schoolers becoming competent users of electronic gadgets, including iPads

Seal dies in Malaga after 4,000 kilometre journey

The young animal was half the weight a healthy seal should be at his age

Baby’s grave to be dug up next week in Spain

Investigation launched after family express doubts over death of baby born in 1974

Gary Barlow cancels visit to Mallorca

X Factor plans are cancelled as he and wife recover from the loss of their stillborn daughter

Spanish woman gives birth to miracle baby after surviving cancer

Vanesa Pastor had her ovaries removed in 2009 but gave birth to a son last month after undergoing in vitro fertilisation

New baby range offered to expat parents-to-be

A Gibraltar-based company is offering an array of baby accessories

Mother gives birth in Spanish job centre

Mother names baby after Spanish unemployment office where she gave birth

German expat nicked for leaving baby in car in Spain

The 28-year-old German left her daughter alone at Malaga airport

Guardia Civil investigate dead baby hidden in wardrobe

The mother was a 13-year-old Bulgarian girl





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