Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Booming July predicted for estate agents in Spain following ‘pause’ in run-up to EU referendum

Spain and Gibraltar’s realtors prepare for boom following Brexit leadup uncertainty

The Lowdown: How will Brexit affect Sterling

Political uncertainty is never good for a currency, and we have seen Sterling suffer tremendously over the last few months

How could Brexit affect Spanish ‘Brexpats’?

Jo Chipchase examines the latest state of play…

Average UK wage has increased by £1,800 because of EU status, economists claim

With the EU referendum on Brexit just six weeks away, financial advisors have warned of an ‘economic collapse’

British Chamber of Commerce in Spain votes ‘categorically against’ Brexit

Spanish and English businesses united in their view that Brexit is bad for business

OPINION: Decision of a generation looms as Brexit vote registration ends May 16

From Almeria to Alhaurin and Granada to Gibraltar, our homes, jobs and entire way of life would be at risk

10 reasons to register: Expats have just five days to register Brexit vote

The clock is ticking as the Brexit referendum draws closer. With May 16 the cut-off for expats to register, Rob Horgan explores why it’s important to have your say

Triple threat for supply and demand in Spain’s property market

Brexit isn’t the only thing causing concern for those looking for property in Spain

British ambassador Simon Manley comes to Malaga with urgent Brexit message for expats in Spain

'We can give people here absolutely no assurance about what will happen should the British people choose to leave the EU'

Brexit would be ‘bad news’ for British homeowners in Spain, warn experts

A report from Spanish Property Insight suggests the pound could fall further if Britain votes to leave the EU

More than two thirds of Spaniards want the UK to remain in the EU

All five countries surveyed want Britain to avoid Brexit

‘Complicated’ Brexit would hit Brit homeowners Spain, say experts

Spanish Property Insight warns EU exit would be 'bad news' for British

Decision of a generation: Expat business owners in Spain have their say on Brexit

Brexit fever has swept the nation, the continent, and even the world. Rob Horgan goes in search of answers among Spanish expats and Gibraltar business owners

Spaniards employed in UK face losing their jobs in Brexit

The bombshell comes as the IMF warned last night that a Brexit risked causing ‘severe global economic damage’

Currency experts claim Brexit referendum is impacting Sterling and it could get worse

If Britain does indeed vote to leave the EU and go it alone, most analysts agree that the Pound is likely to suffer

Fears that UK-based Spaniards may lose workers’ rights if Britain leaves EU

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Brexit would leave future 'up in the air'

Don’t panic about Brexit!

OP blogger Luke Andrews says everything will be fine

Brexit could lead to Erasmus difficulties for British students

British undergraduates could have problems benefiting from Erasmus, which has enabled 200,000 students of EU member states to study abroad since its creation in 1987

No winners in the EU debate

A political dream by ambitious euro- sceptics has become a nightmare

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister: Our country needs EU

In an exclusive, heart-felt plea, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo QC welcomes visitors to the Rock… and for expats to vote to stay in the European Union

BREXIT: Expats launch High Court action that could delay UK referendum

The In/Out vote scheduled for June 23 could be delayed while two million extra names are added to the register of voters if the High Court proceedings are successful

Brexit fever

On a mission to round up British votes for the EU referendum

Referendum fever

Tension builds as polling day looms

Uncertain times ahead with Brexit bad for business

A Brexit could lead to problems with mortgage rates, insurance brackets and currency conversions. Better to stick with the devil you know, writes property expert Tancrede de Pola

Europe: In or out?

Olive Press blogger Claire Thomas ponders the question of a Brexit