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Scotland exports under serious threat post-Brexit

Some 65% of Scottish companies believe leaving the EU will have a negative impact

Instagram or HP sauce: The brand favourites that define Brexit voters

The Remain brands are seen as progressive and visionary

Spain tops list of Brits’ favourite retirement hotspots

Spain was the overwhelming favourite

Britain should send warships to Gibraltar to ‘protect it from Spain’, government advised

A former adviser says it is necessary to stave off Spain's plans for joint sovereignty of the Rock

UK to require schools to detail the nationality of its pupils for government database

The information will be gathered on children aged two to nine

OPINION: At last some positive post-Brexit news

Optimistic for the property market

Let’s talk about (Brex)it

At the event at the Marbella Golf and Country Club on July 28, insurance and currency experts, mortgage brokers, lawyers and notary representatives will deliver speeches

Giles Tremlett: Why British expats need dual nationality

In a passionate dispatch, ex-Guardian correspondent in Madrid Giles Tremlett (right) talks about the tragedy of Brexit and why thousands of Britons deserve dual nationality

Busy summer ahead while Brexit brings change and concern

Whatever happens, sunny Spain will always be one of the UK’s favourite destinations

Expat pensioners lose thousands of euros in pensions because of Brexit

Expat pensioners furious after losing hundreds of euros a month post-Brexit

Spanish property market analyst takes a look at life after Brexit

Barcelona-based property market analyst Mark Stucklin takes a look at life after Brexit

Costa del Sol property: Keep calm and carry on

After an initial slump as buyers and sellers worried about life after Brexit, the market has begun to pick up again and things are getting back to how they were before June 23

OPINION: Sign up for joint nationality now

We need YOUR help, por favor

Llamamiento a todos los españoles a que apoyen la petición de expatriados británicos para conseguir la doble nacionalidad tras...

The Olive Press pide a los españoles, en nombre de los británicos, que apoyen la petición para poder permanecer en España

Plea to Spaniards to support British expat petition for dual nationality

In the first ever OP Spanish splash, the Olive Press makes a plea for Spaniards to support British expats

Petition pleads Spanish government to offer Brits dual-citizenship

The creators of the petition estimate 25,000 Brits would be interested

House of Commons to hold debate on second referendum after historic petition

The House will hold the debate in early September

Linea Directa can help you with your exit plan

Línea Directas legal assistance service comes as standard in all their insurance policies

A bout of the Brexit blues

The future is anything but bright for us Europeans

Malaga tourism office releases positive message for British tourists and expats after Brexit vote

Malaga has seen an increase in British tourism over the last two years

Brexit post-mortem two weeks after the vote

The decision of a generation has been made, what happens next for expats is up for conjecture, but doesn’t look great. Rob Horgan sorts through the wreckage as the dust settles on Brexit





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