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How to register for Spanish nationality in the wake of Brexit

A simple guide to becoming Spanish

Dating app set up to unite heartbroken Remain voters following Brexit

New dating app for the 48% who voted Remain

Brexit chaos offers a cautionary tale for US election

Brexit reaction from a concerned American

DAVID CAMERON: Second EU referendum ‘not remotely on the cards’

There were hopes for a second vote among Remainers

BREGRET: More than 1.1 million people regret voting for Brexit, survey reveals

An alarming amount of regret following Brexit result

Sir Richard Branson calls for second EU referendum after petition gathers almost four million signatures

The Virgin Group founder has implored people to add their names to the petition

Costa del Sol finance and property experts react to Brexit

With an already plummeting pound and a fragile UK market, many experts backing the Remain campaign are bracing for mass change

Thousands of eligible expats didn’t get vote slips in time in EU Referendum

BREXIT UPDATE: Expats' trouble with postal votes that arrived late, unpaid for, or not at all

Petition for second EU referendum garners more than a million votes

It comes after results show a bitter divide among young and old voters

Politicians and businessmen work to restore calm as Brexit looms

OP blogger Luke Andrews gives his own personal view following the UK's Brexit vote

Life will never be the same for expats following Brexit

British expatriate and pensioner in Spain Clive Jacques, a veteran journalist who works for the Olive Press, analyses his new life this morning following the Brexit vote

Everything you need to know about the Spanish election and how it will impact expats

With the Brexit referendum at the forefront of most people’s minds, the run-up to the Spanish general election has almost slipped under the radar

June 23 will be remembered for years to come

The EU will be poorer without the UK and will have received a huge blow to its confidence

OPINION: On June 23, Remain is right

Britain deserves better than Farage and Gove's vision of our future

EU: In or Out? From a Spaniard in Britain

On 23 June you and I, your European friend, will decide our future, and we can either carry on complaining and distrusting, or we can hold onto this Union and carry on furthering prosperity

Spain’s beaches to celebrate San Juan festival of fire

I'm voting for Bonfire over Brexit

How the UK and expats will be affected in the 1,000 days after Brexit

With the polls neck-and-neck, Marbella lawyer Alex Radford takes a look at what a Brexit will mean in the days, months and years following an out vote:

64% of Spaniards want Britain to remain in the European Union

Spain is the nation most opposed to Brexit

VIDEO: Gibraltar reacts to news David Cameron cancelled rally following MP Jo Cox murder

Following news of the tragic killing of MP Jo Cox in Yorkshire, David Cameron's much-anticipated Gibraltarian Stronger In Europe campaign rally was called off




REVIEW: World’s ‘best’ restaurant El Celler de Can Roca? Maybe if it sorts out its wine

El Celler de Can Roca had just been crowned the world’s best restaurant by TripAdvisor in 2014. But how did it stand up to the Olive Press taste test? Jon Clarke checks it out