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Why you shouldn’t leave your dog tied up outside the supermarket in Spain

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil have launched a new campaign warning pet owners about the danger of leaving their dogs tied up outside in the street. Many...

Madrid judge awards joint custody of pet dog to separated couple in pioneering ruling for Spain

A MADRID court has issued a pioneering ruling awarding a separated couple joint custody of a pet. In a sentence issued by Madrid’s Juzgado de...

Public enemy number twos

Nearly 500 dog owners have been fined in a clampdown of illegal dogs in Malaga this year. Fines of up to €700 have been handed...

Police hunt for owner of dog that bit off the jaw of another on Spain’s Costa Blanca

VETS in Murcia don’t know whether a small three kilo pooch will be able to chew solids again, after half its jaw was bitten...

Dog agility park costing over €17k to be installed on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA is to spend almost 18,000 euros on a dog agility course for the city. Planned for Avenida Doctor Gómez Pardo Ródenas, in the city’s...

MIRACLE MUTT: Dog trapped alive in car bumper for days after being run over rescued in Spain’s Fuengirola

A MIRACLE dog has been rescued alive after being run over and becoming trapped in a car bumper for two days. According to official sources,...

Emergency services in Spain’s Torremolinos rescue dog trapped in swimming pool for two days

A DOG has been rescued by Policia local and firefighters from Torremolinos after becoming trapped in a private swimming pool. The incident took place in...

DOG-GONE!: Rescue podenco from Spain causes chaos after escaping at Canadian airport

A SPANISH dog on its way to a new home in Canada caused chaos when it went on the run and forced one of...

Man arrested in Spain’s Malaga for abandoning his dog, despite his claims he’d given it away over six months...

A MAN has been arrested in Malaga province for abandoning his dog, despite his claims he’d given it away over six months ago.

WATCH: Drowning dog rescued by good Samaritan and police officer in Sevilla’s Guadalquivir River

The animal had started sinking, exhausted by the effort of trying to keep afloat.

Bodies of man and his pet dog found in apartment in Spain’s Andalucia

FIREFIGHTERS in Cordoba have discovered the bodies of a man and his dog. They made the grim find on Monday at a home in the...

Cruel owner who starved dog in sun for days on Spain’s Costa del Sol ordered to pay €8 a...

A shocking snap from the Guardia Civil’s Seprona division shows a skinny dog tied to a tree on some waste ground

Blind and diseased dog found in ‘serious, dehydrated state’, owner found and charged

A BLIND dog suffering from a severe skin disease has been rescued after its callous owner abandoned it in Alicante city. The Canine Unit of...

Manhunt launched after dog KILLED by ‘poisoned’ food at popular dog beach on Spain’s Costa Blanca, with four other...

Whilst police investigate who may be responsible, council workers are combing the area and the neighbouring beaches of Cobaticas and Playa Gachero for further traces

Third elderly victim confirmed dead in Spain’s largest ever listeria outbreak as 200 still infected in total

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

Dog and British tourist who returned to UK added to list of 200 victims in Spain’s biggest ever listeria...

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

Spain’s Ronda to fine dog walkers up to €200 for not carrying bags and bottles to clean up mess

Also announced was the distribution of 500 bottles containing cleaning fluid, accompanied by instructions on how to clean up after pets

Giles Brown answers a frequently asked question, who left the dogs out?

Bye Bye Bailey. You were such a good boy xx

‘Greedy’ landowner sells expats’ animal refuge land near Costa del Sol meaning 800 animals could be killed

“The ruthless owner has already shown his true colours,” said a foundation spokesperson

‘PANTING INTENSELY’: Dog in Spain dies of suffocation and heatstroke on balcony before owner arrested

A vet confirmed the cause of death as ‘suffocation due to strangulation’, adding that ‘heat stroke’ could have also been a factor

Guardia Civil offer ‘five second rule’ to determine if pavements are too hot for dog paws this summer

THE Guardia Civil have issued a 'five second rule' to determine if pavements are too hot for dog paws this summer. A statement on social...

Woman arrested for letting dog starve to death on her balcony in Alicante

A WOMAN has been arrested after her dog starved to death trapped in a balcony on the Costa Blanca. The Spanish woman, 45, said the...

NEW TRICKS: Dog called as witness in animal abuse trial against former owner

A DOG has been called as a witness during an animal abuse trial against her former owner. In a legal first for Spain, the pit...

Malaga Dog Party returns THIS WEEKEND with parades, dog hairdressing, a charity race, live music and more

All entrants will receive a welcome bag of goodies from Tiendanimal, while the company also has stands to educate children on caring for animals

‘DIRTY SECRET’: Spain’s hunters leave 50,000 dogs to die with many thrown down wells as hunting season ends

Previously dogs were tied to tree branches or had their throats cut, and some were even tied to railway tracks or burned alive

WARNING: Five dogs poisoned and one dead in Marbella as local vet thinks pet poisoner may be back

Owners have now been warned not to walk their dogs in La Campana




Most of Spain is affected by water shortages says management company

THREE-QUARTERS of Spain is affected by water shortages according to reports from water management company Aqualia.  Spain has been struggling with ongoing droughts since 2017...


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