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Alicante surpasses Sevilla to become Spain’s fourth most populated region 

ALICANTE has become Spain’s fourth most populated city after gaining 44,180 new residents in the last year, according to Spain’s Institute of National Statistics...

Spain’s Malaga population swells by 26,000 new residents in past year, majority being international arrivals

GOT A STORY? Email us at MALAGA has welcomed an impressive 26,000 residents over the past year, the majority of whom are foreigners. The population...

Spain has lost over 12,000 nationals while welcoming almost 150,000 foreigners this year’s first quarter 

The number of Spanish nationals has decreased by 12,614 during this year’s first quarter, according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE). These figures contrast...

Want a return on your property investment? Look no further than Spain, writes the Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola

The growth has been strong but stable and seems to be avoiding the fatal boom and bust cycle which lead to the meltdown some 12 years ago

Reduction in Spain’s economy forecast following political unrest

SPAIN is the only developed economy to have its growth prospects for 2018 reduced by the International Monetary Fund. The forecast cut back, announced during...

Spain raises economic growth forecast for 2018

SPAIN has announced that it will raise its economic growth forecast for 2018 to at least above 2.5% from the current prediction of 2.3%. “The...

Future is bright as Spain’s economy grows in line with expectations

As for the future, the Bank of Spain expects the country's economy to grow by 2.4% in 2018 and by 2.1% in 2019 and 2020.

Spain’s house prices continue to rise

Though underwhelming, Spain's housing market continues to show growth

Spain ‘leading light’ in European economy after 11 months of growth

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy labels Spain as the ‘Germany of southern Europe’

Spain’s yacht charter market is out of the recession

Visitors from abroad are grabbing great deals in Spain

IMF raises Spain’s growth forecast saying it has entered a ‘virtous circle’

Spain is set to have its economy expand by 2% and is officially believed to have emerged out of the economic crisis

Spain suffers mass exodus due to bad economy

Economic woes and high unemployment rates have forced people to look for their fortunes elsewhere

UPDATE: Spain is the only EU country with improving economy, says IMF

But elsewhere things are not looking so positive

Spain’s real estate investment hits post-crisis high

Almost €2.5 billion was invested in the first half of 2014 - an incredible 110% growth

Spain’s economy to grow by 1.2% this year, predicts central bank

The bank has forecast some economic recovery, but not enough to relieve unemployment rates

Spain’s GDP growth falls below expectations

New figures show growth, but below expectations

Spanish car industry back in the driving seat

The Spanish car manufacturing industry has continued to show signs of recovery

Back into recession for Spain

New finance minister believes the final quarter of the year will show a negative growth of 0.3 per cent

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

Malaga growth

Malaga is the fastest growing city for tourism in Spain.

Euro economy grows

Europe Central Bank sees a one per cent growth in the second quarter

Spain’s unemployment level hits a new high

With 4.65 million unemployed Spain has double the unemployment of the rest of the Eurozone

Spain still top place to move

Searches for property in Spain have more than doubled in one year




Spain sees convictions for homophobic hate crimes spike in 2022

CONVICTIONS in Spain for homophobic hate crimes rose 25% in 2022 compared to the year before. That’s according to a yearly report from the...


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