Thursday, October 21, 2021
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British pensioners cashing in on pension reforms and heading to Spain

Reforms introduced earlier this month by UK chancellor George Osborne allow people unlimited withdrawals from their pensions

Woman faces life imprisonment for murder of pensioner in Rincon de la Victoria

Mother-of-two Dolores Ruiz was stabbed in the chest and had her throat slit

British pensioner on top of the world after climbing Kilimanjaro

Tony Simmonds had a strange way of celebrating his birthday

Estepona cat killer avoids prison

A pensioner who hid two cat corpses in a street bin will be able to work with animals in eight months

Pensioner in Barcelona visited by police after porn mix-up

A pensioner's neighbours called the police after hearing blood-curdling screams echoing through the streets

Pensioner charged following sister’s unnatural death in Torre Del Mar

A 71-year old is charged after her schizophrenic sister is said to have died unnaturally

Costa manhunt after British pensioner was attacked in her own garden

Police search for Scottish couple following horrific assault on British pensioner

Expat pensioner mugged in Marbella

The woman was targeted by a gang of robbers who made off with her diamond necklace

Elderly ex-pat attacked in own home

Armed gang attack elderly expat in his own home

Expat pensioner faces prison over blaze

It comes despite Endesa insisting the 81-year-old Briton was NOT to blame for fire

Expat pensioner drugs pusher arrested in Mijas

Police uncovered a 70 gram cocaine haul and five thousand pounds at his home

Brutal attack on British pensioner in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Two court cases find neighbour guilty of assault and death threats, yet he is still living next door

Pensioner fightback in Spain

New demand to raise state pension by Spanish-based group

Spanish bank hounds pensioner for 3p to close account

Ana Patricia Botin, the new boss of the bank - voted the worst in Britain - last month vowed to get to the ‘root causes’ of the bank’s woeful record

My hospital horror in Spain

Pensioner left in agony for days with a broken wrist, described by doctors as the ‘worst they had ever seen

QROPS: A world of choice

It has never been easier to transfer your pension abroad

Squatting in her own home

A 75-year-old is being forced to live in her home illegally, without electricty or hot water

The peacocks that keep me up all night!

EXCLUSIVE: Pensioner reveals 24-hour noise torture by squawking birds

Marbella corpse found in car boot

Police are trying to find the identity of the pensioner and why he died

Have you seen the coin master?

Worried pensioner issues plea to help track down auctioneer

Dead healthy!

Doctor ordered to a morgue to check whether relative had come back to life




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