Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Save our dunes

Bird group pleads with developers to save last wild dune area on Costa del Sol

Exclusive: Have you seen mein car?

German woman disappears owing thousands in rent and with her next door neighbour’s car

Chocs away!

Third-largest airline to be created with merger of BA and Iberia

Brits reign in Spain

Double delight for Murray and Fisher

The writing was on the wall

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke recalls his visit to witness the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago and what the implications would be on both his life and his belief in a united Europe

I was a fifth wheel

Matthew Pritchard reflects on his sense of uselessness becoming a father

Last of the frogmen

On Remembrance Day, the last surviving frogman tells of his courageous feats more than 60 years ago

Double tragedy needs averting

The PP backs plans to save historical site that inspired Garcia Lorca's masterpiece

In a big flap!

Couple return home to find a rare Griffon vulture on their bed, while second family find another on balcony

Don’t let ‘Pepsi’ die

How a worldwide movement is trying to resurrect Spain’s most famous ‘poetic’ lesbian couple Pepa and Silvia, nicknamed ‘Pepsi’

They’ve bottled it!

EU ‘no vote’ saves Spain from loss of 185 million in benefits, while developed countries dig their heels in over proposed greenhouse gas cuts

Wild horses come to Algeciras

Galloping thoroughbreds cause mayhem

Flagging up the good times in Spain

Bidders fought bitterly to secure the famous flag, which flew over fleet that defeated Napoleon

Don’t be naïve (Evian spelt backwards) – give up the bottle

Since the Olive Press launched a campaign to cut back on plastic two years ago, plenty of town councils, companies and individuals around Andalucia have got the message, at least with plastic bags. But when it comes to plastic bottles not everyone has, writes Josephine Quintero

Wind record blown away

Spain's turbines set new record for electricity generated

Best greenway in Europe

Greenway scoops award

Sexy Beast makes Andalucia return

British acting legend to visit Sevilla film festival

My vow to beat motorbike muggers

Expat in bid to halt recent rise of high-speed robberies

Spanish police still using torture

Amnesty International says not enough is being done to prevent it

Fears for Andalucia olive trade

Growers are getting 40 cents lower than the break even point

Wrecking ball swings again

New three storey property gets demolished in Alhaurin el Grande

Demolition nightmares

As Dan Thorneycroft tries to garner support from MEPs in a desperate bid to save thousands of households facing the axe, Andrew Pearce speaks to four Andalucian homeowners confronted by the imminent threat of losing everything

The world’s healthiest pork

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson

UK bank in Spanish property kickback scandal

Executives at RBS creamed off commissions from estate agents fees

A towering furore

UNESCO is joined by World Monuments Fund to oppose construction of controversial Torre Cajasol

‘Like being accused of Hiroshima bomb’

Ronda mayor compares Los Merinos accusations to H-bomb, while calling environment boss ‘incompetent’ and ecologists ‘terrorists’