Friday, December 8, 2023
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US praises Malaga’s approach to preventing radicalisation of its Muslim youth

The Malaga plan seeks to combat social media messages, a key recruiting tool for jihadists

BREAKING: ISIS suspect on Spain’s most wanted list arrested by British cops in UK

It comes after a European arrest warrant was released for the 44-year-old man

Spain blasts UK for not identifying potential victim in London terror attack quick enough

The foreign minister said the British government needs to do 'everything humanly possible'

‘My life has fallen apart’: Husband speaks after his Spanish wife killed in London terror attack

She was hit by the attacker's car and was thrown under a bus while her husband John was at work

BREAKING: UK Parliament on lockdown following gunshots

A policeman has been stabbed

ISIS issue ‘direct threat’ against Spain after Brits on Costa del Sol revealed as ‘top targets’ this summer

ISIS sympathisers in Spain are being urged to 'attack, attack, attack!'

Police strengthen New Year presence in face of terrorist threats

The Policia Nacional is working with local forces to bolster visible patrols in city centres such as Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla to deter any unexpected Jihadist attack.

Spain boosts security in ‘Christmas hotspots’ following Berlin attacks

Spain’s Commissioner for Public Security has now upped the police presence in busy areas

ISIS terror threat revealed for Costa del Sol and Spain tourists

Experts issue warning for Paris-style attack in Spain

British buyers invest in Spanish property following terror threat

UK buyers snapped up one in five of all Spain’s foreign-bought properties in 2015

Spain investigates 301 people with links to Islamist terrorist groups

Sevilla to host international counter-terrorism meeting on Wednesday

Spain refuses to raise terror alert following Paris terrorist attacks

Government keeps same levels of vigilance and military support following brutal murder of at least 129 people in France

Four suspected Islamist militants arrested in Ceuta

Men said to have 'similar profiles' to Paris gunmen

Gibraltarian furious at being unable to buy copy of ‘Charlie Ebdon’

He insists the Rock has banned the magazine

Madrid pushes for border control to stem ‘tide of Islamic militants’

Europe reacts to fear of further terror attacks after France

The Charlie Hebdo journalists did not deserve to die

Any campaigning, investigative newspaper – like the Olive Press – is going to offend and upset some readers, but it doesn’t mean the journalists deserve to die. Mike Scott gives his views on the Charlie Hedbo attack in relation to the Costa del Sol

Interpol hunting ISIS terror cell that is targeting Spain and Germany

Four Brits in the cell said to be planning further attacks in Europe

Terror alert at Partido Popular headquarters in Madrid

Bankrupt businessman drives car full of 'explosives' into PP headquarters in Madrid

An olympic failure

The Olive Press considers how the recently foiled terror plot in Gibraltar challenges our sense of security

Police foil paraglider terror plot in Gibraltar

Al-Qaeda suspects - one a site manager on the Rock - arrested in connection with deadly scheme

Dozen dead in Spanish earthquake

Ten confirmed dead, dozens more critically injured, as huge quake rocks Murcia city of Lorca. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

Terror alert welcomes new Spanish presidency

Fear of ETA bombing high as Spain takes over the next six months EU leadership




Supermarket strike is announced in Spain over the crucial Christmas period

SUPERMARKET and grocery shop workers in the Madrid area are set to strike over Christmas over wage rise demands. The UGT trade union has announced...


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