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A Brit less sangria, perhaps?

British tourists are thought of as the heaviest drinkers while on holiday, according to a new survey

Germany declares towel war on British tourists in Spain

And Brits might have to throw in the towel on this one

Serious savings for British tourists in Spain

Shoppers can save money on more than just the sales

Dealing with the Marbs high season and its struggles

Columnist Giles Brown recounts the tales of a battered Brit and projectile weapons

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy

Columnist Giles Brown on tourist woes on the coast

Exclusive Olive Press investigation sparks changes for foreigner safety

Steps are now being taken in Marbella, and even across Spain

Jellyfish warning app launching for Costa del Sol

In recent years jellyfish have become a major problem on the coast's beaches during the summer

Car hire customers demand deposits back months after returning vehicles

Niza Cars have failed to return more than 100 deposits for over two months, ignoring a torrent of emails and phone calls

Malaga airport leaves Brits in a spin

Confusing signage and long walks leave visitors baffled

Brits to jet into Malaga

British Airways and Jet2 to expand routes from UK to Malaga

Air China eyes Malaga in route expansion plan

Chinese national airline wants to profit from Andalucian tourism

Spain cuts airport taxes in bid to boost traffic

AENA slashes fees after air traffic falls

Sevilla in bid to become air travel hub

Minister is keen to establish the airport as a hub for tourists from Asia

John Major: Brits should swap Costa holidays for the real Spain

British tourists are urged to venture into rural Spain by ex Prime Minister

Hotel occupancy in Andalucia continues upward trend

Guest numbers increase for third consecutive month in Andalucia

Tourists to Spain spent 3.28 billion euros in March, an increase of 13.7%

According to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR) the average spend per person was 963 euros and the average spend per day was 110 euros

Holiday snaps kept under wraps

Hundreds of embarrassing and unflattering holiday snaps are deleted or hidden by holidays makers according to survey

Spain’s A-377 in need of repair

The road is referred to as 'terrible'

Return of the Spanish highwayman

British motorists in Spain warned to watch out for elaborate scams that have fooled thousands

Motorists forced to wait hours getting in and out of Gibraltar

EXCLUSIVE: Border checks, tourists and RAF training exercises cited as the cause of the traffic chaos

Andalucians told to stay home this summer

Restrictions also loosened for Latin Americans to encourage more Andalucian holidays

British tourists blow holiday budget

Tourists usually spend 395 euros more than they planned

Tourists will ease economic recovery in Spain

But Spain must become more competitive and improve on quality, say experts

Cruising destination

Cruise ship tourist visits to Malaga are set to double following the impending launch of the new port terminal

Brits fall out of love with Andalucia

UK holidaymakers are opting for the Canaries over Andalucia

Slow recovery for Marbella’s hotels

Marbella's hotels begin to fill up again after a worst year in living memory