Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Over 60 tourists sent to hospital with gastroenteritis after stay at Costa del Sol hotel

Hotel officials claim it could be due to dirty water tanks at the hospital next door

British expat ‘raped by two UK tourists’ who were ‘high on laughing gas’ in Marbella

The alleged assault came after a night out with a group of tourists

Airport group goes public with concerns over transporting drunk passengers

A SPANISH organisation which is meant to transport those with reduced mobility at Palma Airport has said it has had enough of dealing with...

PARTY’S OVER: Thomas Cook set to call time on boozy Club 18-30

After almost 50 years of providing infamous parties for young Brits abroad, the travel company is set to sell the brand to cater to millennials' changing holiday tastes

Discover why Estepona is nicknamed the Garden of the Costa del Sol

THE first seeds were sown back in 2012, when Estepona Mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano and his fellow councillors drew up the design for...

DOSE OF REALITY: Campaign to regulate lethal painkiller Nolotil gathers momentum in Spain

The Olive Press speaks to relatives of victims and campaigners about their hopes of regulating the controversial drug

EXCLUSIVE: Southern Spain hospitals in British expat hotspot issue warning for ‘lethal’ painkiller Nolotil

After the drug claimed countless lives, a health network on the Costa Blanca has issued a recommendation to its medical staff to avoid prescribing Nolotil to Anglo Saxon and Scandinavian expats

New rules to clamp down on bogus package holiday sickness claims in Spain

Coming into effect in the coming weeks, the curbs will close a loophole that allows holiday makers to issue fraudulent claims

Drink-driving US tourist who killed British cyclist in Spain avoids jail

A DRUNK driver who killed a British cyclist in Spain has avoided jail. Tourist Bryan Leeds, 25, from the US, was arrested after hitting father-of-three...

ISIS calls for truck and knife attacks in Spain in chilling new campaign

SICK death cult ISIS has called on its followers to carry out attacks in Spain. Propaganda group Muharir al-Ansar shared a poster online calling for...

Spanish hospitals charging tourists double for care in Barcelona

Shockingly, not even the Hospital de Sant Pau (pictured) know what they are charging the ICPA, which could be in the millions.

WATCH: Tourists abandon boat off coast of Spain before it EXPLODES THIS is the moment a boat carrying tourists off the coast of Spain burst into flames before exploding.  Five tourists jumped and swam for their...

British mother ‘took 13 hours to report 3-year-old son missing’ after night out in Spain

A BRITISH mother is facing prosecution for allegedly taking 13 hours to report her son as missing while holidaying in Spain.  It comes after a...

IN PICS: Brits rushed to hospital as coach overturns on ‘sheer drop’ in Spain

A COACH carrying British tourists has overturned on a 'sheer drop' in Spain. Two Brits have been injured after the coach carrying 22 holidaymakers flipped...

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Spain would lose BILLIONS of euros per year without British tourists

SPAIN could lose more than €13 billion a year if British holidaymakers boycotted the country.  It comes after waves of anti-tourism protests in Barcelona, Mallorca,...

BRIT BOOM: Spain breaks all-time tourism record for July thanks to UK tourists

BRITISH holidaymakers have helped Spain smash its record for international tourist arrivals. It comes after the National Statistics Institute (INE) revealed the number of visitors...

Number of rowdy tourists thrown out of Magaluf hotels leaps by 100% in June

Youngsters are ‘more out of control’ this year, says local hotel chief

Demand for tourist apartments in Malaga soars by almost 200%

It's the biggest boost of any urban city in the country

More British travellers choosing ‘gastro-holiday’

Food is an increasingly important factor

Live porn shoot in Valencia shocks tourists

The filming culminated in a graphic sex scene outside the monument

Shocking Magaluf sex and booze cruises uncovered in X-rated video leak

A shocking video has emerged featuring British holidaymakers’ boozy sex cruises in Magaluf

Russian rouble crash to have knock on effect in Spain

The currency crash in Russia is set to impact EU's fragile economies

Cueva del Gato could finally open to the public in Benaojan

Malaga is masterminding a dramatic new project

Costa del Sol facelift: Hotels and restaurants to get a makeover along the coast

Hospitality expert to tackle Andalucia's declining tourist industry