Monday, 22 January, 2018


Nativity scene created from 1,500 kilos of chocolate by master chocolatiers from Rute (Cordoba)

Where are the missing half a million Iberian pigs that go to make the world’s best ham?

Two 19-year-old gay prostitutes have been charged with the murder of a priest

A consumer watchdog has taken action against phone giant Orange on behalf of a Sevilla woman whose 500 euro phone bill included “impossible” calls.

A choir and chamber orchestra from the MLC School in Sydney, Australia are performing a concert in Andalucia this weekend.

Lovebirds find the dream job testing honeymoon suites around southern Spain

U2 have been fined for practising too loudly during rehearsals

Sevilla's controversial Torre Pelli gets approval

Sevilla the favourite, as the world bets on which Spanish city will be hottest this summer

Spain city served up a Hollywood treat by Knight and Day stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

Olive Press Appeal: Concerned daughter in need of a language expert to aid understanding of ill father's Spanish operation

Maimed Spanish bullfighter now out of intensive care after horrific throat goring

Ex-boyfriend of missing teenager accused of murdering her after she refused to kiss him

Aeroplane’s engine was hit by bird

Authorities pay out after four-year-old boy suffocates in school dustbin

Incentive offered to find missing teenager but only for one month

Spanish football chiefs hope to follow English foreign investment blueprint

New fines target the time spent by drivers in the city centre

Latest archaeological breakthrough indicates Andalucia may have once been home to the mythical civilisation

Some of heaviest rain on record leads to flood chaos in Andalucia. Here, a submerged house in Jimera de Libar, near Ronda. Picture Karl Smallman.

Greenway scoops award

British acting legend to visit Sevilla film festival

Two exciting new exhibitions are showing off the glorious history of the region, Moorish porcelain in Cordoba and the priceless Phoenician Treasure of Carambolo in Sevilla

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson

UNESCO is joined by World Monuments Fund to oppose construction of controversial Torre Cajasol

Electric car initiative sparked by government subsidies




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